Mornings are rough. Sitting in daily commuter traffic is rough. Being stuck in the office on a perfect summer beach day can sometimes feel unbearable. But truly, the only thing that can make that 6:00 A.M. alarm harder than it already is, is bad coffee. Having something small to look forward to makes the mad dash out the door all the more worth it. From one coffee fanatic to another, here are 5 places to get coffee in Fairfield that will make your morning, every morning!

1. Chef's Table 

Kate Lawlor

Chef's Table is the absolute perfect way to kick off your morning. Aside from having the most delicious iced coffee in Fairfield, everything about this place puts a huge smile on my face. To start, its unique classic rock vibe will instantly make you feel like you're back in the 60s. The place is decked out with vintage rock concert posters and if you are lucky enough to stop in for a Sunday morning breakfast, they often have live music. With breakfast options, a salad bar, and an amazing selection of wraps & sandwiches, Chef's menu is sure to please everyone. While grabbing your coffee in the morning, Chef's is the perfect place to grab an easy lunch. They also have a kick ass rewards program that will surprise you with FREE coffee from time to time. If all of that isn't enough to keep you coming back, their incredibly genuine staff will. Connecting with every customer in a way that makes them feel special, the Chef's Table staff is what makes this cute cafe the true package. 

What to try: Vanilla Iced Coffee and the Chicken Balsamic Wrap. 

2. Doughnut Inn

Kate Lawlor

An all time favorite & one of the most popular coffee shops in Fairfield, CT. From Cinfully Nutty, to Hazelnut, to your classic French Vanilla, all the iced coffee flavors at Doughnut Inn are to die for. This place is my favorite because it is the cheapest & quickest place in town to get your caffeine fix! A decently sized medium iced coffee is yours at the small price of $2.85. The women running this place mean business & do not mess around! They will have you in and out within 5 minutes even with a line out the door. Also, Doughnut Inn is one of the few coffee shops with a quick & easy drive thru perfect for stopping through on your drive to work. They have a wide selection of doughnuts and bagels to grab on the go, and their bacon egg & cheese sandwiches are not too shabby either. With coffee and prices that just cannot be beat, this is the place to go!

What to try: Cinfully Nutty Iced Coffee and a Cinnamon Rasin Bagel toasted w/ butter.

3. 'Wich Day Sandwiches 

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Sierra Orsak

There's nothing this coffee can't fix. Here is yet another fabulous option for you coffee lovers. If you couldn't tell by the name, 'Wich Day is known for their spectacular sandwiches. However, they also have some of the best coffee in Fairfield! From hot sandwiches, to cold sandwiches, to breakfast sandwiches, this place has got you covered every meal of the day. They also have an awesome selection of teas in case you're feeling the need to switch it up. My sister swears by their bacon, egg & cheese sandwiches because their buns are toasted just the right amount, adding the perfect little crunch! Lastly, it is conveniently located right near the highway making it an easy stop on your morning commute. 

What to try: Bacon, Egg & Cheese with Avocado and Hot Sauce & Hazelnut Iced Coffee. 

4. Las Vetas Lounge

For all you metro north commuters, Las Vetas is definitely the move. It's approximately a 1 minute walk from the train station and objectively the cutest coffee shop in town. It's comfy, cozy vibe will make you feel right at home. It's the perfect place to settle in and get some work done, meet for a cute coffee date, or relax and play some bored games. Aside from the convenient location and homey aesthetic, the coffee is delectable. Especially if you prefer it to be on the sweeter side, Las Vetas is notorious for adding in a little pump of Ghirardeli Chocolate Sauce. They have awesome smoothies, shakes, and lunch options as well. Personally, I'm a huge fan of their coffee cake and bacon, egg & cheese sandwiches. Las Vetas is ideal for mornings when you're running late but still are in desperate need of coffee to get your day going. 

What to try: The Iced Turtle Coffee and Coffee Cake. 

5. Harborview Market 

I can't think of a better way to kick start the weekend than with a solid Harborview breakfast. With coffee so good it has a line out the door, Harborview is the always the place to be. The vibe is quirky, cute & casual-- it's a great place to catch up with old friends & an even better place to show off to your new ones! Since it's always so busy, Harborview is definitely more of a destination rather than something to grab on the go. It has lots of indoor and outdoor seating and like Chef's Table, Harborview comes equipt with a stage for occasional live music on the weekends. Not to mention, it is not a far walk from St. Mary's By the Sea in case you want to grab something to go and enjoy with a view!

What to try: The B.E.A.C.H, iced coffee & a homemade chocolate chip cookie.