1. Joe Coffee Company 

Journalism School; Northwest Corner Building; Dodge Hall; https://joecoffeecompany.com 

For those cold blizzard days where you need the comfort but can't handle the walk, Joe's coffee has two locations on campus that sell the best chocolate chip cookies within the Columbia University campus. Whether you're near the NoCo Joe's or closer to the journalism school's location, you can get your perfect snack at either one. Their slightly salted and perfectly chewy "Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie" will become your best friend. Chances are you'll be back for seconds by the time you take your first bite. Without a doubt, this cookie is one of the best chocolate chip cookies near Columbia University.

2. Insomnia Cookies

1028 Amsterdam Avenue; https://insomniacookies.com/

The classic late night craving of warm cookies can be fulfilled just a few steps from campus at Insomnia Cookies. They're open until 3am so the time of day is no longer a concern. Grab "The SixPack" to share with your friends or even just to have a little taste test of six different flavors in your dorm. If you're in need of some serious sugar, take advantage of the fact that the location near campus offers the ice cream option and add a scoop on your warm cookie. 

3. Levain Bakery

2167 Frederick Douglass Blvd; https://www.levainbakery.com/

The line every time you walk into the store is already proof that these cookies are iconic. You might want to go with a friend because these huge, very rich cookies are difficult to finish in one go. But the walk through Morningside Park and the hike back up the stairs are worth it if you like chocolate intense, gooey, warm cookies. 

4. By the Way Bakery

2442 Broadway; https://www.btwbakery.com/

If chewy cookies are what you are looking for, then you won't need to look further. This little bakery, that seems taken out of a movie, has the most incredible pastries. With the old fashioned twist of everything, ranging from the door to the decor, and the chocolatey smell in the air will feel like you are back home. So grab a Chocolate Chip Cookie (and maybe a Fudge Brownie Cookie whilst you are there) and take a nice walk back up Broadway. 

5. Tate's Bake Shop Chocolate Chip Cookie


The iconic Southampton based cookies that now make their way to all NYC homes are a must have. Their thin, crunchy texture makes them easy to eat, not too filling and perfectly sweet enough to leave you with that chocolatey taste long after taking a bite. The super convenient (and cute) packaging also makes it the ideal snack to have in your room. You can find these at most supermarkets and convenient stores around campus, so you don't need to look any further. 

6. Jacques Torres

Loanne Merlin

285 Amsterdam Ave #1, https://mrchocolate.com/

These cookies, although they aren't the closest option to campus, are officially worth the quick subway ride to 73rd street. With a brand that is specialised in everything chocolate, you will definitely find that little chocolatey treat you were looking for. Their infamous chocolate chip cookies are the perfect thickness and not-too-chewy/not-too-crunchy consistency. If you happen to be Downtown or in Brooklyn, don't worry, they have store locations there too.

7. Westside Market

Loanne Merlin

2840 Broadway; https://www.wmarketnyc.com/

At first you might be skeptical with the idea of supermarket cookies, but trust me, these are anything but your classic plain, dry cookies. The variety of flavours ranging from M&Ms to S'mores will make your mouth water as you stand in front of your options, trying to decide which to get. So next time you're there buying your salad for lunch, give in to a little sweetness and try one of their cookies.

No matter your preference for cookies: chewy, thin, chunky, doughy, crispy, warm or cold, one of these best chocolate chip cookies near Columbia University will be the solution to all your cravings. It's time to do some cookie testing.