Chocolate chip cookies have a special place in my heart. They reside right next to my love for iced cappuccinos and ghee popcorn. Whether it's a bright sunny day in Central Park or a Sunday brunch kind of move, a chocolate chip cookie always sounds like the right move. Here's a roundup of my top favorite chocolate chip indulgences that will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Chip New York City

The name speaks for itself. This NYC gem has been the go-to spot for some of the most decadent cookies around. Chip actually began as a hobby between two childhood best friends, as they strived to recreate the sweet sentimental simplicities of their childhood. Offering 19 flavors such as chocolate chip, funfetti, s'mores, triple chocolate, butterscotch toffee, blueberry cheesecake, cookies and cream, and more, Chip continuously strives to be that hub of nostalgia for people of every age.


This was my go-to cookie spot when I spent the summer interning in Midtown. Besides their legendary cookies, they also offer the cutest selection of macarons, Korean rice cakes, and roll cakes, and matcha soft serve. Their triple chocolate chip was undoubtedly the weekly go-to. Some of the other notable flavors include oatmeal raisin, white chocolate macadamia, fig, and lemon. The perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

Levain Bakery

Yes, it is worth the hype. Ooey-gooey, warm, and decadent Levain's world-famous cookies do live up their coveted reputation. These have that perfect "fresh out of the oven yet still cookie-doughy" texture. The perfect balance of flavors and textures in every bite.

Dominique Ansel Bakery

Daytime appropriate, these cookie shots are an NYC must. Consolidating the milk-and-cookies situation into an adorable Instagram-worthy treat, Dominique Ansel has curated the infamous cookie shot well worth the line around Spring Street.


Noted as one of the most Instagram-worthy spots of the city, Maman boasts a rustic French charm integral to its menu of sweet and savory delicacies. Besides their delectably chewy chocolate chippers, Maman also offers a plethora of croissants, beignets, and breads. Be sure to stop by one of Maman's many locations to satisfy your mid-afternoon sweet tooth.


Known for their out-of-the-box flavor combinations, Ovenly prides itself in their full lineup of mind-blowing delicacies-- think currant-rosemary scones and black caraway-chocolate shortbread. However, in order to earn a stamp of approval in my book, they had to pass the basic test: the cookie test. I tried their lineup of noteworthy cult-favorites including their gluten-free supreme brownie, gluten-free hot chocolate cookie, and secretly-vegan salted chocolate chip. I have to say— I've never enjoyed being secretly-vegan as much as I have when I devoured that chocolate chipper.

Jacques Torres

Jacques Torres, or Mr. Chocolate himself has spent years perfecting this chocolate chip cookie recipe and it's for sure, a golden globe winner in my book. After years of testing different flours and sugar proportions, Mr. Chocolate has absolutely nailed it. Perfectly chewy with the right amount of crisp around the perimeter, these cookies are that balance of soft and chewy while firm enough to stay together. A must try.

Sweet Corner Bakeshop

As an avid proponent of that salty-sweet balance, I cannot recommend the Sweet Corner Bakeshop's sea salt chocolate chip cookie enough. They combine four kinds of Belgian chocolate and sea salt from France to create the perfect balance of sweet and salty. Highly recommended by everyone for everyone.

I hope these chocolate chip hot spots satiate that mid-afternoon craving when you're yearning for another no-foam latte but really just want a chocolicous treat. Definitely give these spots a try and tell them Spoon sent you.