We all like splurge isn't? Some may take up a relaxing day at the spa, some may shop, some may just like to eat at their favorite bun Maska at an old cafe, but ever tried to splurge with that best chocolate chip cookie that did just not come out of a factory business?

Chantilly Cafe

Looking for big chunky yet warm cookies? Then this cafe should be in your bucket list if it is not yet! I have not been to Paris yet but I can feel the luxury right after biting their signature best chocolate chip cookies. The mesmerizing feeling of the gooey cookie dough cooked perfectly, blending in with the warm chocolate dripping out of the cookie. Ohhh!! This place is worth your time and money. and while you are there give their infamous waffles a try too! Located in Bandra, Pali Hill.

The Nutcracker

Next up is a mix of chocolate and other accompanying flavors that you will discover. This is the iconic 7 layer cookie. Yes, it is a cookie though it has seven layers and not a cake. The Nutcracker is an all-day cafe.  It is located at the South end of Mumbai and is always bustling with the crowd, coming to taste and savor their appetite. 

Sweetish House Mafia

Trust me you would want to come again and again to this place and try all sorts of cookies! Thinking out of the box, what flavor can you think of? Ummm... Salt on caramel? Yes, you are almost there! Try Sweetish House Mafia's Nutella sea salt cookies. That rich hazelnut chocolate spread inside the cookie and sea salt on top of it, which gives a more intense flavor of the whole experience. They have several stores serving fresh cookies every day with quality ingredients in Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, and it is coming very soon in Bangalore.


You probably weren't looking for a mention about the subway, but let's face it, they have very godly double chocolate chip cookies. You may find their subs uninteresting but their cookies will help you regain the trust.

#Pro tip: Ask them to heat up the cookie in the same oven where bread is kept to warm the cookies better.

Theobroma Patisserie

Getting hybrid choices for food is great, but we do hesitate before digging in. Not anymore! But first, what attracted me to this place are colors. Got to admit they have rainbow cakes, colorful macaroons and then an aisle of chocolate products. Cooknie (Cookie+Brownie) is the best hybrid cookies I have heard and tasted yet. They are moist with fudgy brownie in the center and perfect warm crust of cookie dough. Do make a pit stop and stack up some.

House of Cookies

Some cookies are so basic that it slips out of your mind, you might feel it is the same as others. But, House of cookies can change your mind about that. You will enter the bakery in suburbs Juhu, Mumbai thinking of picking one and end up hoarding an assortment of cookies and bars. Chocolate caramel crinkle is one of them. Just at the price of 95 INR you get to taste the art.

One Street Mumbai

Save your appetite for the best! Chef Kelvin Cheung’s One Street Mumbai serves sinful desserts. No doubt their brown butter Maldon salt chocolate chip cookies are the best to hang out with while shopping or strolling around Bandra, Linking road. The rich chocolate and Maldon salt perfectly gives a new refreshing taste all together after a busy day.

Still resisting? I can't and neither should you. Don't wait for weekends to relax, take a bite of these cookies and weekend will say hello to Y'all.