Years ago, one might have said that diamonds are a girl's best friend. In today’s world, it is clear that avocado toast has taken on that important role. Whether someone is searching for a Sunday morning cure, or simply an aesthetically-pleasing addition to their Instagram feed, avocado toast gets the job done.

Houston has been blessed with a diverse, trendy, and delicious food scene, complete with many spots that serve up mouth-watering toast smothered in avocado. Before you go out into the city, it is important to know where to get the very best avocado toast. No one wants their Sunday morning brunch ruined by a piece of subpar, soggy toast.

Tiny’s No. 5

Tiny’s No. 5, a beautiful Houston restaurant tucked into the preppy West University neighborhood, serves up an avocado toast that never disappoints. Well, nothing at Tiny’s ever disappoints, so this comes as no surprise.

If you’re looking for a whole brunch (or breakfast) meal on toast, then Tiny’s No. 5 is the way to go. On your avocado toast, you not only get to enjoy the fresh avocado piled on sourdough bread, but you are also given two slices of bacon and a fried egg. This meal will satisfy your stomach and is pretty enough to satisfy your Instagram, too.

If you thought things can’t get any better at Tiny’s, you’re wrong. After you finish their amazing avocado toast, you can also indulge in one of their famous chocolate chip cookies. Or two. Or a dozen to take home. The perfect addition to a perfect meal.

The Dunlavy

Everyone wants to enjoy their avocado toast with a view, right? If this is the case, The Dunlavy is perfect. Nosh on the grilled sourdough bread while you look overhead at several crystal chandeliers, or look out onto the water and trails of the picturesque Buffalo Bayou Park. It’s so pretty you may even be convinced to ditch brunch and go out on a run. Maybe.

The flavors in this avocado toast are unique. The whipped ricotta and lemon zest give you a sweet and savory flavor that you’ll be craving all week. One thing that sets this toast apart from other toasts is definitely the bread. The sourdough is surprisingly soft enough to effortlessly bite down, but it does not slack on holding all of the toppings on it. Don’t be afraid to ditch the fork and knife for this one and use your hands!

Tout Suite

Tout Suite is the definition of hustle-and-bustle. Tucked away in an old warehouse in Downtown Houston, this spot is fun, energetic, and so trendy you won’t be able to resist taking pictures of your avocado toast and latte art.

The toast here is perfectly simple, but it still looks like a work of art. The thick country loaf does a great job at being the canvas, holding the avocado, radishes, and red pepper flakes. This toast is classic, but has a small kick that mirrors the excitement of the surroundings.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, or want a killer #yolkporn Instagram, you can order an egg on top of your avocado toast, which will ensure you’re filled up by the end of brunch.

Local Foods

Local Foods slays at every dish they create. Their new addition, avocado toast, is no exception. Luckily, you can find it at 5 of the 6 Local Foods' menus, and on the special weekend menu for the Downtown location.

Labeled as a “starter,” you can enjoy this toast as a pre-meal or as your whole meal, as it is filling. While the avocado toasts at each location have their own spins, you can expect to see a delicious avocado spread on all, with toppings varying from sea salt, lemon zest, and pomegranate seeds at one location, to red pepper babganoush and feta cheese at another. No matter the unique ingredients, you can trust Local Foods to provide you with a mouthwatering meal.

#SpoonTip: Alongside your avocado toast, make sure to order one of their seasonal mintades or lemonades. You will surely feel refreshed while taking in the impeccably retro and trendy decor at all locations.

Cavo Coffee

The avocado toast at Cavo Coffee, a cool coffee bar that serves up delicious food, does not disappoint in flavors and aesthetics, nor does its name disappoint. You can’t not love an avocado toast with a name as clever as “Avo Cavo.”

Along with avocado, the sourdough here is topped with frisee, a 64-degree sous vide egg, and honey-gochujang sauce, which has a sweet and spicy flavor. Overall, the toppings create a unique taste with some tang that you never knew you wanted on your avocado toast.

#SpoonTip: To sip on while you indulge in your Avo Cavo, enjoy one of their flavorful espresso drinks, or try the halogen siphon if you’re feeling bold...or want to look like a chemist in a lab. 

You avocaDON'T want to miss out on trying these mouthwatering, insta-worthy toasts. And you don't have to. Go out and get your avocado-toast brunchin' on, and yes, pictures are necessary.