All-you-can-eat is a term that speaks to my soul. Paying a fixed price so I can eat to my heart's content sounds like a great deal to me. Up until two years ago, I didn't realize that all-you-can-eat didn't always mean buffet-style or that there are sushi restaurants with all-you-can-eat options. Then I discovered Shangerila Restaurant, my neighborhood's local all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant.

Located just off of the 6 train's Buhre Avenue stop, Shangerila is easy to travel to, one of my favorite restaurants, and my top sushi spot. For just $22.99 Monday-Thursday or $24.99 (not including tax) Friday-Saturday, you can eat all the sushi you want. This is an amazing deal since sushi tends to be pricey all over the country, with New York charging some of the highest prices. Instead of paying anywhere from $7-$15 per roll, you're paying less than $30 for however many you want. I couldn't ask for a better deal.

#SpoonTip: The restaurant is kid-friendly and kids will pay less depending on their height. If they are under 4.5 feet they pay $14.95 and if they are under 3.5 feet they pay $10.95.

How it works

When seated at the table, indicate that you are doing the all-you-can-eat menu because the restaurant does offer a regular dining menu as well. Each table receives one menu listing everything available for all-you-can-eat. Next to each menu item is a small line where you can write how many orders of each item you want. For example, if two people want a California roll, you write the number 2 next to it. The food will be brought to the table as it is prepared, usually with appetizers coming out first (although sometimes everything will be brought out at the same time).

#SpoonTip: It's important to exercise self-control and pace yourself when ordering. Start small, ordering 2 or 3 items. Shangerila does serve small portions (which helps avoid eating with your eyes), but don't worry, the waiter will bring you a new menu to order from when you're ready. It is all-you-can-eat, but don't be wasteful. The restaurant does charge fees for excessive waste ($15.95/pound of wasted food).

What You Can Get

Even though Shangerila's all-you-can-eat menu is separate from its regular dining menu, but it still has a lot of variety. There are over 20 sushi rolls to choose from, not including the 12 special rolls also featured on the menu. In addition, there are various options to order one piece (or a few pieces) of sushi or sashimi in case you want to try something new or don't feel like having an entire roll.

Melissa Paredes

If you're looking for a meal with more variety or happen to be dining with someone who isn't the biggest sushi fan, the all-you-can-eat menu also features many appetizers and Asian dishes. From miso soup to shrimp dumplings to chicken teryaki, there is plenty to choose from and something for everyone's flavor palette. 

#SpoonTip: Asian dishes don't come with rice. If you would like rice on the side, it will be an additional charge.

There is also fruit tea with jelly (basically bubble tea) that comes in three flavors: strawberry, pineapple, and honeydew. 

#SpoonTip: You can order a flavor that's not featured on the all-you-can-eat menu for an additional charge.

When you're done indulging on sushi and gyoza dumplings, you can help yourself to a yummy scoop of greeb tea, red bean, mango, strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla ice cream.

#SpoonTip: The fried milky buns pair well with the ice cream, bringing it to another level of yum.

Melissa Paredes

Overall, Shangerila is a great place to try at least once. The servers have always been kind and helpful, the atmosphere is great for an intimate dinner and nice night out with friends, the food is yummy, and the price is great (as long as you eat your money's worth). And if you're not feeling the all-you-can-eat, you can still order from the regular menu and take advantge of the lunch and dinner specials. I know my visits to this sushi spot won't stop anytime soon. What are some other sushi spots we should be on the lookout for?