Liquid nitrogen ice cream has been around for a while now, but I never got the chance to try it. It wasn't until I was invited to -321 Ice Cream Shop, did I get to decide if it was worth all the praise. 

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Christine Yu

When I first walked in, the place was not too crowded because it was on a rainy and cold day. Nevertheless, I was ready to try the ice cream. Their menu consists of basic flavors as well as seasonal ones, so there were plenty of options to choose from. My friend and I decided to try the Cookies N' Cream and Green Tea flavors. We also tried their Dragon's Breath (cheese balls infused with liquid nitrogen) and their Nitro Hot Chocolate.

Cookies N' Cream

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Christine Yu

Green Tea

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Christine Yu

Both flavors were rich and creamy, making for the perfect delectible indulgence. They even make the ice cream right in front of you, which is really cool to watch! The Cookies N' Cream is a classic, complete with chunks of Oreo inside the ice cream. While, in the Green Tea ice cream you can taste the distinct matcha flavor, (which is a super yummy). And as an added bonus, the Green Tea sundae comes dressed with green tea Kit-Kats. 

Dragon's Breath

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Christine Yu

You can see the subtle smoke coming from the cheese ball.

This video essentially captures a successful dragon's breath. For $2, you get a small tray of cheese balls that are infused with liquid nitrogen and has smoke coming out of them that lasts for about a minute or two. They're so cold, once you put them in your mouth all you have to do is chew in order to blow "smoke" out of your nose.

Nitro Hot Chocolate

Christine Yu
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Christine Yu

What makes their hot chocolate different from the rest? The liquid nitrogen of course. Once you order this, you are given a tray of shaved white chocolate and milk chocolate shavings (with liquid nitrogen), a chocolate dipped marshmallow, and the cup of hot chocolate.  What you do is slowly pour the chocolate shavings into the hot chocolate. Watch as the drink clouds up with smoke, and dip the marshmallow into the hot chocolate to mix the shavings all together! It is really fun to watch and also to try yourself.

The ambiance of -321 is very relaxed and welcoming, making it the perfect place to try your new favorite nitrogen ice cream!