Attention everyone with a sweet tooth: Friday, June 5 is the glorious National Donut Day, the perfect excuse to indulge.

Oddly enough, National Donut Day is a different holiday from National Doughnut Day, which is celebrated on November 5. The one coming up commemorates the Salvation Army “Lassies,” volunteers who made doughnuts for American soldiers in WWI, cooking them in oil inside of helmets and delivering them to the front lines.

The day in November just celebrates the actual foodstuff, but in our opinion, they are both equally good reasons to treat yourself to some delicious fried dough… and continue debating how the food should actually be spelled. I’m definitely team “doughnut.”

While bakeries nationwide are offering free or discounted doughnuts this Friday to active military personnel, there are several places in St. Louis where anyone can celebrate this delicious holiday, so we made a list:

1. National Donut Day at Jazz St. Louis

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Doughnuts from 15 local bakeries?! Yeah, we’re curious, too. Although I confess, I’m not a total doughnut fanatic (cupcakes are more my thing), I’m definitely down to indulge in one every now and then…but I still can’t think of 15 local places that offer doughnuts in St. Louis off the top of my head. Although Jazz STL has not put out a list of participating doughnut shops, I’m sure there will something there for every doughnut lover.

It’s definitely worth getting up early on Friday to get some free fried dough, milk and coffee and to see which doughnut is crowned the best in STL. The event is at the Harold & Dorothy Center for Jazz from 7:30am – 11am. Attend the Facebook event here for updates this week.

2. Strange Donuts Day

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Okay, okay, so there is one small disclaimer for this one: it’s not free. But, for $10, the event, hosted at Kaldi’s Coffee Roasters by Wesley Hoffman will include live music by DJs Billy Brown and Drace, an acoustic performance by Story of the Year and, of course, tons of deliciously unique donuts from Strange Donuts. As the event is from 6pm – 10pm, it’s perfect for those of you who want to celebrate this sweet holiday without waking up early.

There will also be iced coffee from Kaldi’s, beers from 4 Hands Brewing Co and food from Mission Taco and Sugarfire Smokehouse available for additional purchase. The ticket funds will go toward Strange Cares, a nonprofit focused on empowering children in St. Louis. Buy tickets here.

3. Dunkin’ Donuts

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So, this one has a catch, too – you have to buy a beverage in order to get your free doughnut. But who doesn’t want coffee with a doughnut? The combo might even enhance your memory, too…although we’re skeptical. While Dunkin’ Donuts might not be your number one choice for doughnuts in STL, a free one with your morning coffee would be a shame to pass up.

One free doughnut not enough for you? This is HUGE: Post Dispatch is partnering with Dunkin’ Donuts in honor of National Donut Day in the ultimate Dunkin’ giveaway. You can win free Dunkin’ breakfast for a year (2 combo meals per month), free Dunkin’ donuts for a year (two dozen per month) or free Dunkin’ coffee for a year (one medium hot/iced coffee per week). Click here to enter everyday through June 5.

4. Krispy Kreme

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Finally, there’s no “catch” here. It’s simple: free doughnuts for anyone who walks into any Krispy Kreme store, starting at 6am on Friday, until supplies last.

Interestingly, Wash U student favorite John Donut has not listed any deals for donut day, and the new Vincent Van Doughnut simply advertised in-store specials on their Facebook page. But if you do happen to find yourself at one of these places or another doughnut shop not listed above, it can’t hurt to remind the people working there of this special holiday, in the hopes that they’ll be feeling generous.

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