The end of an era is among us—for this year at least. Our beloved Whispers cafe was a server of average (sometimes burnt) coffee, a meeting point between classes, a conduit for awkward eye contact and a mediocre (at times loud) space for studying.

As we suffer through the Whispers-turned-construction-zone inconvenience for the next year, it is important to remember that it is not forever. Unfortunately though, the fall 2017 expected date of completion has been pushed back to fall 2018 due to the unexpected finding of a rock shelf beneath the library—but we will persevere. When Whispers (eventually) returns, it's sure to be better than ever.

Although we are agitated, we are not desperate. If you're willing to venture off-campus, hit up one of these local coffee shops with free wi-fi to kill two birds with one stone. And if not, our beautiful campus boasts plenty of other places to grab a quick coffee or pastry in between classes or for that necessary afternoon pick-me-up. Check out this list to find your new coffee spot based on your school:

1. Art School or Pre Med

beer, water
Matthew Wenger

If you’re coming from Hillman, Brown or McDonald, Etta’s in the art school is the place for you. There is a wide selection of grab-and-go foods and coffee to fill the Whispers-sized whole in your heart. 

#SpoonTip: I don't actually have any experience in these buildings other than Environmental Biology in Brown, but I do know Etta's is a sufficient Whispers replacement on this far side of campus. 

2. Art Sci Homies

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Isabella Neuberg

If your class is in the Eads/Cupples area, the ever popular Holmes lounge is your best option. While most commonly praised for its wraps and sandwiches piled high with the day's selection of fresh Carvery meet, Holmes also has coffee and a selection of snacks.  

#SpoonTip: Because of the Carvery's popularity, Holmes gets packed at peak lunchtime (from about 11:30 am to 1:30 pm), so aim for early morning or later afternoon to avoid getting stuck in a crazy line. 

3. B School Brats

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Matthew Wenger

I don't actually think you're brats, it just sounds good. If you’re near Bauer, the obvious answer is Starbucks, but if you’re looking to use meal points, check out the law café instead. 

Those with classes in Simon and Seigle face a similar situation: Einstein’s is clearly superior IMO, but Café Bergsen in the DUC takes meal points, making them both suitable options. 

sweet, milk, tea, cream, ice
Matthew Wenger

Now, if only Wash U would keep one of the above options open late-night for those all-nighter study sessions in Olin...

But wherever you go to get your caffeine fix, remember the ultimate Spoon tip. When ordering coffee from one of the Wash U Kaldi’s locations, order something that comes regulated from the machines like an Americano or Espresso.

By doing this, you avoid getting coffee made from the beans that have been overused or burned due to all of your sleep-deprived classmates in the morning rush.

Happy caffeinating!