Raleigh is home to a diverse population, and the coffee shops here represent that. With a variety of coffee shops within your reach, there is always one to represent how you’re feeling when you walk in to get your caffeine fix, whether you’re a casual consumer or a coffee addict like yours truly.


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Jubala Coffee: If you’re feeling happy


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Jubala Coffee on Hillsborough Street is the place to go if youre already in a good mood when you go for your caffeine fix. The place offers a wonderful view of our Bell Tower and is extremely family-friendly, so if your folks are in town, this is the place to take them. The staff is fantastic and the interior reflects that as well. Plus, the coffee is amazing without breaking the bank.

Global Village: If you want to be alone


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Although everyone seems to go to Global Village, I almost never run into anyone I know. Global Village is entirely organic, so you can get your coffee a little guilt-free. You can hole up in the back of the shop or in the window and drink your coffee in peace. And with the location just across the street on Hillsborough, it also provides for a quick fix for a lack of caffeine.

The Morning Times or Joule Coffee: If you want to people watch


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Whenever I want to do a little people watching with my cup of chai, I go to either The Morning Times or Joule Coffee, both located in downtown Raleigh. Morning Times has a gigantic window on the first floor that provides a wonderful spot to observe others. With good coffee for relatively cheap ($1 refills) and some of the best scones in Raleigh, this makes it the best coffee shop downtown to see the surrounding area.

Joule offers similar surroundings, and its literally around the corner on Wilmington Street. However, it has a bigger window with more seating and more food options. If you want more than just your coffee, Joule might be the better option.

Liquid State: If you need to drown your sorrows


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Liquid State is your place for all your favorites. In addition to selling coffee, the menu also includes six rotating beers on tap and wine, so if youve had a particularly bad day (or just want to try a new wine with your caffeine), then Liquid State is the place. Also, the staff is amazingly friendly and the prices are in the perfect price range for those of us eating ramen for dinner every night of the week.

Cup A Joe: If you want to eavesdrop


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Now this is usually frowned upon, however, if you like to listen then the Mission Valley location of Cup A Joe is your place. Particularly on Sunday mornings, people of all different backgrounds gather to drink coffee and be merry, all in their native languages.

You may not understand a word they are saying, but it sounds almost musical and provides a wonderful background noise to your coffee. The prices are a bit steep, but their daily specials, pastries, and more-than-average number of espresso shots (hello, king size with six shots of espresso) more than make up for it.

However you are feeling on any given day, there is a coffee shop to match. Drink on, caffeine junkies, drink on.