It’s time to get toasted. And no, we don’t mean in THAT way, because these brunch plates taste fantastic even when sober. Drenched in egg and dusted with sugar, we can’t think of a better way to serve bread than French toast. And Boston has quite the collection.

Flour Bakery + Cafe

french toast

Photo courtesy of Steve J. on Yelp

Renowned baker (and Harvard College graduate!) Joanne Chang uses her Applied Mathematics and Economics degree to create what is, mathematically and economically, the best French toast in Boston. Just look at that crispy exterior. It’s downright brilliant.

Area Four

french toast

Photo by Vanessa Li

Although this hip Cambridge spot is most famous for its pizza, they serve up a pretty dope brunch menu as well. Their baked french toast usually comes with whipped cream, but we opted for just pecans and caramelized banana, and (trust us) it was more than enough.

Cafe Luna

french toast

Photo courtesy of Farrah A. on Yelp

Are those…Oreos? On French toast? Okay, Cafe Luna, you got us. That’s brilliant. In addition to the “Cookie Monster,” this heavenly place offers Nutella-stuffed French toast, as well as chocolate and caramelized banana pecan French toast. Sweet just keeps getting sweeter.

The Neighborhood Restaurant & Bakery

french toast

Photo courtesy of @sweetmatters on Instagram

This one simply wowed us, especially because it’s so simple. No crazy toppings needed: just sweet, gooey, bready breakfast. Diners choose between sweet, white, or wheat bread, and sides include various combinations of eggs, bacon, and ham. In case you want some protein with your dessert. I mean, breakfast. But the French toast really is a complete meal in and of itself – if all you eat is carbs.

Brothers Restaurant

french toast

Photo courtesy of @kg6w on Instagram

These Bros are truly our homies, because they’re making French toast with challah bread. France, meet Israel. French toast, meet mouth. How are we expected to pick between Nutella-stuffed with fresh banana, and ricotta-stuffed with strawberry and banana? Obvious: we’ll get both.

Mul’s Diner

french toast

Photo courtesy of @umbelle on Instagram

Creme brûlée French toast? Seriously? Is that allowed? We’ll take five, please. The thick piece of toast topped with custard and a layer of crisped raw sugar is well-worth the hour you’ll spend laying on the couch later.


french toast

Photo courtesy of @karmiyaj on Instagram

The fan-favorite here, Vanilla French toast, is thick cut bread dipped in vanilla syrup served with candied apples and syrup. Crispy on the outside, ooey gooey on the inside. The serving size is not very big, but it’s sweet and filling enough to do the trick.