March in Ohio truly starts like a lion and ends like a lamb. The best thing to combat the harsh cold spells at the start of the month is a hot, steaming plate of comfort food; however, this can get complicated if you're vegetarian or vegan. Luckily for you, we here at OSU Spoon have a list of the best spots to visit when you're craving good vegan comfort food.

If you're craving spice...

1. Red Chili

One of our professors recommended this restaurant over spring break, and it did not disappoint. Red Chili specializes in traditional Southwestern Chinese cuisine, so if you like spice, this is the place to go. Any of their vegetarian and vegan selections from the back page are a good choice, but be sure to order the spicy and savory eggplant in garlic sauce. You won't miss the meat with this one. --BG

2. Gokul Cafe

When I'm craving good Indian vegan comfort food, Gokul Cafe is my go-to place. This vegetarian South Indian restaurant has a diverse, flavorful menu that can easily be veganized. Try their Spicy Andhra Masala Dosa, a thin rice-batter crepe slathered with a tangy, spicy chili spread and stuffed with creamy spiced potatoes - with a perfect combination of spice, umami, and richness, eating this dish is a deeply satisfying experience. --BG

If you're craving something "cheesy"...

3. Portia's Cafe

Portia's Cafe is a place that I've always been told to try after moving to Columbus and only recently had the chance. And yes, I've been missing out the past two years. As a fully-vegan cafe, Portia's offers what so many restaurants cannot in terms of vegan comfort food- vegan dessert. While everything on the menu is sure to be a palette-pleaser, you cannot go to Portia's without ordering the Vegan Cheesecake. Yes, that's right. Vegan. Cheesecake. -OA

If you're looking for something hearty:

4. Eden Burger

In complete honesty, I'm not a vegan. But the way I see it, this fact gives me even more credibility to write this article because I know what non-vegan food tastes like on a daily basis. So when I first tried Eden Burger, I was hesitant. Like, almost-only-ordered-fries-for-dinner-hesitant. However, my friend works there and urged me to be open-minded. The Buckeye Shake and BBQ Burger gives you all the junky-goodness from a burger and shake without making you feel weighed down. -OA

5. Northstar Cafe

In our opinion, Northstar is a restaurant that takes pride in selecting good ingredients and pairing them in thoughtful flavor combinations. Everything from their salads to their main dishes to their desserts is crafted with care. Many of their menu items can easily be made vegetarian or vegan, but our personal favorites are the Thai Burrito and the Northstar Veggie Burger. Pair them with their sweet potato fries and you'll be coming back tomorrow. 

6. 4th and State

This environmentally-conscious restaurant creates your favorite comfort food classics with a plant-based-spin. From Tomato Bacun Grilled Cheeses to Jo'Po Popper Pizza, and everything in between, you'll know exactly where to go when you're craving classic diner food next. And make sure to stop in for brunch on the weekends to get your vegan-friendly fix of S'mores French Toast and "Vrunchwraps." 

If you're looking for fresh flavors:

7. Woodhouse Vegan

This Columbus restaurant comes with more than just innovative, fresh vegan comfort food. In a positive, unique environment, Woodhouse Vegan pushes the culinary boundaries by changing its menu weekly. While you have to take a look at the menu before hand, some notable features include the "Chick'N Pesto-Dilla" and the "Big-Mac + Cheese." Pro-tip: Check out their Instagram for some sneak-peaks of the weekly features to give yourself something to look forward to. 

8. Strongwater Food and Spirits

Set in one of the coolest spaces in Columbus, Strongwater Food and Spirits offers many vegan-friendly options in the former EBCO Warehouse. Apart from the unique atmosphere, this restaurant features a wide variety of flavors from Jamaican Jackfruit Tacos to Pumpkin Risotto to Vegan Hot Chicken Sandwiches. Consider this the perfect place to bring the picky-eater. 

So the next time you're looking for a filling plant-based meal to warm you up, look no further than these local restaurants! Bon appetit!