I love Taco Bell and Chipotle as much as the next girl, but sometimes I have cravings for authentic tacos that these chain restaurants don't seem to satisfy. With National Taco Day quickly approaching, I found the best tacos in Boston that you can enjoy on a tight budget. 

1. Dorado Tacos Boston - Brookline

Gillian Cazzoli

Pescatarians rejoice! This baja-style fish taco was honestly the best I've ever had, and I've eaten a lot of tacos. The beer batter gave the fish a great crunch, the crema and pickled onions gave it a slight tang, and the best part: it was only $2.95. If you don't shy away from spice, I recommend the 'Dorado' taco, which is made with chipotle crema. 

2. Los Amigos Taqueria - Brookline

Gillian Cazzoli

Located in Brookline, just down the street from Dorado Tacos, is this casual Mexican eatery which serves customizable tacos. Pictured above is the steak taco which comes on a soft corn tortilla, with pico de gallo and cotija cheese.

Bonus: you can add guac to any order for $1, which is cheaper than Chipotle. If you're still not full, treat yourself to one of their delicious churros. 

3. Lone Star Taco Bar - Allston 

Since its opening in 2012, this taco bar has been busy serving up authentic Mexican street food to BU students. Due to its location in Allston and its casual atmosphere, Lone Star is a frequent late night stop for students coming from local bars and frat parties.

It's open until 2AM, so next time you're thinking of going home after a night out, go get yourself a carnitas pork taco instead. It's made with fresh salsa verde and queso fresco for only $4. 

#SpoonTip: If you're of legal drinking age, check out their beer selection, which is meant to be paired with their tacos.

4. Felipe's Taqueria - Harvard Square 

Gillian Cazzoli

In between all the coffee shops at Harvard Square, you can find Felipe's, which serves fast and fresh Mexican food. Pictured above is their most popular taco, the chorizo, which was sightly spicy but not overpowering.

If you're sensitive to spice and the sight of jalapeños makes you sweat, their homemade lemonade will help to cool you down. With unlimited toppings and the possibility of seeing Malia Obama, why wouldn't you try this place? 

5. El Pelón Taqueria - Fenway

Gillian Cazzoli

If you're a Yankees fan, I suggest you leave your hat at home when you go to try this next spot. Located just five minutes away from Fenway Park, El Pelón is filled with Red Sox fans every game day.

Pictured is the 'Rajas con Queso' taco, which is vegetarian. It was satisfying and flavorful, so the usual meat filling was not missed. So whether you're looking to try something new, or if you're craving a classic beef taco, give this place a try. 

#SpoonTip: Order your tacos to go to avoid the game day crowds.