Servers, bartenders, and cooks alike, I empathize with the countless amount of weekend nights you have spent on the wrong side of the bar. You deserve to enjoy one of the random weekday nights you have off. Not only do you deserve a good time, but you deserve the best deal in town. Here is where to find the best service industry nights in St. Petersburg.

Everyday Deals

Some restaurants just want to make sure we’re being taken care of, and for that, we appreciate you. Here are a few spots that treat you to a deal any day of the week.

1. Tryst

Tryst is an upscale bar located on Beach Drive.

25% off the entire tab.

2. The Lure

This spot is often said to have some of St. Pete’s best sushi. Did I mention they have a pool table?

25% off the entire tab.

Mighty Monday Deals

The Monday night deals in St. Petersburg are top notch.

1. Three Birds Tavern on 4th Street

This is a local St. Pete favorite, serving pub style cuisine with a modern twist. Don’t miss out on the shepherd’s pie.

50% off the entire tab.

2. The Canopy at the Birchwood

One of St. Pete’s most popular rooftop bars, this place includes signature craft cocktails and a long list of appetizers and bar snacks.

50% off the entire tab.

3. Cassis American Brasserie

Without a doubt, here you'll find one of the best service industry deals in town. Cassis strives to serve American classics with a subtle French influence. Cassis offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and one of the best brunches on Beach Drive.

40% off the entire tab.

4. Nueva Cantina

This one makes the list for their top quality margaritas, which are possibly the best in town. Also, if spicy stuff is your niche, they serve an array of made in house sauces that will push the limit.

30% off food and 50% off drinks.

Twisted Tuesday Deals

If live music and billiards is what makes up a good night for you, then you might just be one of the many enjoying a Tuesday night out on the town!

1. Ruby's Elixir

This red lit live music lounge hosts some of St. Pete’s best talent. Also, Ruby’s houses a wide selection of cigars in the back bar.

25% off, 9:00 to close.

2. The Blue Goose

This is one of my personal favorite bars in DTSP. The Goose is home to three well-kept pool tables, good drink deals and rotating art work.

25% off, 9:00 to close.

Wild Wednesday Deals

Ah, humpday. Let’s find a couple good deals to get us through the week.

1. Fresco's

Fresco's is a water front bistro. Complete with great food and bay views, this is the perfect place to start your Wednesday night out.

40% of the entire tab.

2. Green Bench Brewery

Simply put, this is one of St. Pete’s favorite breweries.

50% off.

Thirsty Thursday Deals

Friday Junior! Here’s a few to hold you over until the weekend.

1. Pesky Pelican Brew Pub

30% off.

2. Urban BBQ

This spot has good food, but this deal is only available for a quick two-hour window.

40% off BBQ plates, 8:00 to 10:00.

3. Courigans Irish Pub

Grab a pint and beware of karaoke night.

50% off beer and well drinks, 7:00 to 10:00.

Friday & Saturday

It’s finally the weekend, so deals are slim.

1. No Vacancy

25% off the entire tab.

2. Saigon Blonde

25% off.

Sunday Funday Deals

While the rest of the world is getting some rest, us servers and bartenders are still kickin’ if we are lucky enough to have the day off.

1. The Galley

Here is a place that is always busy, with decent food and lots of drinks.

50% off entire tab, 6:00 to close.

2. The Avenue

This is a great spot for football Sunday.

50% off entire tab, 5:00 to close.

3. Parks and Rec

This is a famously busy Sunday bar that is packed with games and entertainment.

50% off entire tab, 5:00 to close.

4. The Lure

Offering deals everyday of the week for those in the service industry, The Lure steps it up on Sundays.

50% off the entire tab.