If you are anything like me, you possess a huge weakness for any kind of pizza, specifically the glorious late night pizza. Have no fear because I made the ultimate list of pizza places near campus to satisfy your cheesy, past-midnight cravings. 

Domino's Pizza—Vines Street

Domino's is the perfect place to fulfill your late night pizza desires, without breaking the bank. They have delivery until 3 am Monday through Sunday, which is convenient for us foodies who prefer to inhale an entire pizza in the comfort of our own homes. And when you thought it couldn't get any better, Domino's is constantly offering promotions such as: "Buy two medium pizzas for $5.99 each." With deals like this, you'll want to make sure you have their number on speed dial for all your pizza emergencies. 

Mac's Pizza Pub—McMillan Street

If you are searching for a chill atmosphere, cold beer, and most importantly delicious pizza, then Mac's is the pub for you. Although the kitchen is only open until 11 pm, their bar hours last until 2 am Monday through Sunday. With ingredients such as: fresh dough, authentic sauce, and never-processed toppings, their pizza stands out from the rest. They even have gluten-free and vegan options to accommodate all pizza-lovers of the world. 

Adriatico's UC—McMillan Street

Adriatico's is the place to go for out-of-this-world pizza, super late at night. They are open until 1:30 am on weekdays and 2:30 am on weekends. Besides having late hours and crazy good pizza, they also have FREE delivery. Don't worry you're not going crazy, I did in fact say free delivery. Adriatico's offers so much more than your average pizza place. Their buffalo chicken egg rolls are to die for and the Inflation Fighter pizza will make you wonder how you could consume so much in one sitting, but that's sort of an accomplishment right?

Pieology—McMillan Street

Are you obsessed with pizza, but can never decide on which kind to get? If so, then Pieology is most likely your destination for custom, personal pizzas. Just as Chipotle allows you to pick your own ingredients, Pieology lets you customize your pizza from the endless amount of toppings all the way down to which kind of sauce you prefer. Anyone with a severe case of the late night munchies will be happy to know that they don't close until 3 am Thursday-Saturday. So next time your hunger has you feeling creative, stop into Pieology and create your own masterpiece, or in this case "masterpizza." 

Toppers Pizza—Calhoun Street

Last but not least is a UC fan favorite, known for their taste, prices, and late night delivery. This pizza hotspot is known as Toppers Pizza, located a few doors down from Uncle Woody's Pub. Not only is this a convenient location for anyone looking to chow down on an order of Topperstix after Woody's Wednesday, but it is also open until 3:30 am —Every. Single. Night. Ultimately, getting a pizza from Toppers could be the smartest decision you make after midnight.