When you live in a small city, it's easy to decide which pizza joint is your favorite in town. And when you're drunk, it's rare that pizza will fail to meet your personal standards. But have you ever taken the first bite of a slice, and gasped because it tastes so good? That's when you know you're eating some of the best late night pizza in town, and there are a few in Bellingham that qualify. 

Pye Hole

This pizza is some of the best I've ever had, and that says a lot. La Fiamma Wood Fire Pizza is a killer restaurant in Bellingham, and has received two Best Recipe awards in the National Association of Pizza Operators International recipe contest. If that isn't enticing, I don't know what is. Luckily for us college kids, La Fiamma opened a late-nite slice window connected to their restaurant, Pye Hole. The hole is open Sunday through Wednesday 11am-9pm, and Thursday through Saturday 11am-2:30am. This means you can get drunk pizza... or hangover pizza! I've done both.

Not only do the slices taste incredible, but they're huge. And some of the best college moments are spent conversing with people over life, and pizza, right outside the famous Pye Hole.

Pizza Time

The business name says it all, it's time for some pizza. This late night pizza can be delivered to your door within an hour, it's relatively cheap, and it tastes especially good when wasted. Pizza Time has an array of pizza choices, and they're open until 2 am on week days and 3 am on the weekends. They are known for the classic "I'm naked" request, which gets you $1 off your pizza if you tell them you're naked when ordering pizza over the phone. Don't answer the door naked though, it won't get you a discount.

Some of the greatest nights end by calling Pizza Time before adventuring back home from the bars, and coming home to a warm pizza to scarf down before bed. Hangover: cured. 

McKay's Pizzeria

They offer gluten free pizza, an insane list of toppings, and great service. Their thin crust has it all: tasty goodness and happiness in every bite. McKay's is one of the most dependable delivery services around, serving five star pizzas every day of the week until 2 am. This pizzeria has an exciting and diverse list of "supreme" pizza options, including the Thai Peanut Supreme, Oriental Chicken Supreme, or the Pesto Roasted Garlic Supreme. And if you're not feeling pizza, which is doubtful, McKay's offers a list of grinder sandwiches and appetizers as well.

This is definitely the place for someone not only seeking the best late night pizza in town, but wide variety and healthier pizza options as well. Go McKay's, go supreme! 


This pizzeria doesn't offer the latest of services... but the pizza they offer is fat. Voted Bellingham's best pizza last year, this place doesn't mess around. What's so unique about FatPie is their crust variety, offering customers a choice of Chicago, Detroit, or Brooklyn inspired crusts. Their menu has numerous pizza combos including the "Motown," the "Bronx Bomber," the "Lake Eerie," and the "Smokin' Joe Louis." And sauces... FatPie pizzas can be made with classic red, pesto, creamy pesto, bolognese, alfredo, and even artichoke caesar. Their vast menu can make any type of foodie satisfied. FatPie is open on the weekends until 10 pm, serving some of the tastiest and best late night pizza around. Get fat!