Pizza is a major motivator in my life, it's what makes my world go round. There's nothing that can compare to a late night slice when you're coming home from the bar or just craving something cheesy to end the day. The only issue is that Victoria doesn't offer a lot of late night pizza options, scratch that, any late night food options in general. Anything other than the overdone McDonald's run there's an 85% chance –don't ask where that math came from– you'll be out of luck any time past 1AM. There's only 3 pizza places in Victoria that I know are dependable for the (relatively) late night slice.

The Joint Pizzeria

The Joint is right around the corner from Upstairs and is open till 3am Thursday till Saturday, making it a great late night pizza choice. Beware though, they pride themselves in outlandish pizzas. One time a friend of mine swore that her pizza had peanut butter as the sauce, that could just be the alcohol talking, but I wouldn't put it past The Joint. They still dish out the classics though so no need to worry if adventurous isn't in the vocabulary that night.

Second Slice

I like second slice because it's cheap and it's open till 1am. Other than that it's nothing extraordinary and it's kind of out of the way, but when I'm not in the mood for The Joint and everywhere else is closed it's nice to have a dependable fallback. Beggars can't be choosers, right?

Famous Originals

Famous Originals is my favourite of all the late night pizza places, their NY inspired slices are the size of my head –I have a big head– and they're only $3.75. They even give half-off any slice with the purchase of a drink after 9pm. Their one downfall is that they're only open till midnight, but that never stops me from making a quick stop in the middle of a night out.