Pizza should really have its own food group. You have protein, carbs, grease- basically the fundamental ingredients of fueling the college grind. Need a break from writing that ten page annotated bibliography or studying for that biology exam? Look no further, we have the late night pizza answers you have been searching for. Bonus: you don't have to venture far from Queens campus. Huzzah!

1. Benny Pennellos

You say Benny, I say Pennellos! 

This gem is located in NoDa next to Heist Brewery. For $5, you can get a slice the size of your face and then some. Talk about bang for your buck. Open till 3am, bring your buddies to grab a "Virginia Slice" and a local brewery beer on the side. Extra brownie points if you pose with a slice in front of one of their sweet murals on the wall. 

2. Inizio Pizza

Not gonna lie, this place is a little more pricey on a college student budget. That doesn't mean there aren't hacks that make it the perfect opportunity to treat yo' self. Wednesdays are $3.50 drafts, Thursdays are $2 gelato night. Try their legendary pistachio pizza and sit on their patio at their Dilworth location, 5 minutes from school. It's a premier dog watching spot, with cute doggos everywhere. Open till 10:30, so just enough time to dash over and grab a pizza.

3. Hawthorne's NY Pizza

They have 8 locations in Charlotte! For ten bucks you can get New York style pizza, from "The Luau" to the "Buffalo Wing". Their 7th street location is less than 10 minutes from school and is open till 11pm. Bingo. 

4. Libretto's Pizzeria 

Libretto's has two locations that are shining beacons for Charlotteans, one at the Epicentere and the other at Parktowne. Whether you're leaving Bubble on late Thursday Night in need of a slice or you drive to the Park Road area to finesse a 18 inch pizza for $15, Libretto's comes through. Open till 2am, it offers solid NYC style pizza that will satisfy all your pizza cravings.

5. Pizzeria Omaggio

It's common knowledge that there are a lot of international students at Queens. For those who want something to remind them of food from back home, look no further. Pizzeria Omaggio offers authentic Roman style pizza that you eat with a fork and knife. It's a perfect spot for date night because of it's cozy atmosphere. Open till 10pm on the regular and three minutes from school, in the Metropolitan area.

6. Your Pie CLT

Located in South End, Your Pie specializes in customizable pizza. The restaurant is really cozy and perfect for kicking back and eating pizza and gelato. For $8 you can grab a personal pie to eat in the store or take back to campus with you. Who doesn't love study snacks? Bonus: if the Panthers win, they have $5 pies on Mondays! 

7. 8.2.0 Restaurant and Bar

Disclaimer: if you aren't 21, they won't let you into the bar. Luckily, there's a window that you can walk up to and grab a few slices with a side of double fried french fries. Make sure to grab one of their sauces, like s'mores or Thai peanut butter. The Gigi slice with mozzarella, basil, and rich tomato sauce is $5 and is sure to knock your socks off. This late night pizza spot is located in the Music Factory, so grab some friends and eat pizza in your car. Gluten free or not a big fan of bread? 8.2.0 has cauliflower crust pizza, and it tastes just as spectacular as the real thing. 

Need to turn late night pizza into breakfast? Check out this article from fellow Spoon writer Nadine at Indiana University: