If you're like me, finding the best pizza in a new city is always a high priority.  No worries, new and future Eagles: the search stops on Fry Street.  Located a short walk from campus, Crooked Crust is sure to win hearts as the best late night pizza at UNT.  During my first week on campus, some friends and I were wanting to check out a local restaurant.  Being college students, we had a few requirements the place needed to meet.  First, it had to be inexpensive.  Second, it needed good reviews.  Third, it needed to be close to campus.  We decided to take to Fry Street, where we found Crooked Crust.  When we walked in, we instantly fell in love.  The atmosphere is artsy, fun and inviting.  Artwork fills the walls and even the table tops.  It's everything I love about Denton put into one building.

Fun fact: The artwork on the walls are not painted, as most may think, but are actually decals.

Also make sure to check out their bulletin board.  There's always information about nearby events such as concerts, art exhibitions, club meetings and more.

The Spread

Crooked Crust features their specialty pizzas, such as the Mean Green (chicken, artichoke, mozzarella, and pesto) and, my personal favorite, Meat Me (pepperoni, sausage, meatball, canadian bacon, mozzarella, and sauce), but you can always opt for a classic pepperoni or cheese.  If you like to experiment with toppings, they offer a large selection, allowing your imagination to run wild.  After my first bite, I was hooked to the point that I go at least once a month now.  It has become the go-to restaurant for my friends and I for late night pizza at UNT and post-game eats.  It's also a great place to take family members when they visit.

In addition to their fresh made pizzas, Crooked Crust also offers breadsticks, dessert breadsticks, and hoagies.  You can view their full menu here.  

Any college student knows that sometimes money gets a bit tight. Lucky for us, Crooked Crust understands. Two slices of any pizza and a drink is only $7, tax included. They are also on PocketPoints, making it even more affordable to share some slices with your friends (or keep it all to yourself).

Give them a follow on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to stay up to date on their specials. 

A Location on Its Own 

One of the most unique things about Crooked Crust is that it can only be found in Denton.  There was a location in Norman, Oklahoma near OU, but it has been closed making all of their attention focused on the Denton location.  This definitely makes it a gem in the UNT community, so don't hesitate to visit, especially if you're only visiting Denton.

They are open 11am-midnight Sunday through Wednesday and 11am-3am Thursday through Saturday, perfect for late nights all throughout the week.

Next time you're looking for a late night pizza option at UNT, head over to Crooked Crust.  Try their classics or create your own! The possibilities are endless.