Drunchies - (noun) When you are extremely intoxicated and all of a sudden you feel the need to gorge yourself.

We all have those nights when the parties get rolled, the D closes up shop, and we just need some grub before we pass out with all of the lights still on. We also all know the brutal pain when the one restaurant we want to go to is closed after we finally convince our annoyed Uber driver to take us there.

I would never wish that experience upon my worst enemy (...maybe), so here’s a guide to the best drunchies in Chaptown.

1. The Pizza Press

tomato, cheese, pizza
Drew Petersen

Open until: 1:00 AM every day. 

While it is open late, Pizza Press is a good go-to when you're just a little tipsy and ready to turn in early. This is definitely not the type of restaurant you roll up to when you can hardly walk. This is my favorite spot to go to after grabbing a pitcher or two at O'hara's Pub, which is conveniently located directly across the street.

2. Albertacos

nachos, avocado, chicken, guacamole
Drew Petersen

Open until: 2:00 AM Sunday-Wednesday, 3:00 AM Thursday-Saturday 

The infamous Albertaco's, a staple to any list of the best drunchies in Chaptown. I still remember the first time I got a Cali burrito. I can't decide if it changed my life for the worse or for the better, and you've been before you can most likely relate to that statement.

I will admit that the guacamole and cheese fries (pictured above) have a special place in my heart. You know you have had a good night if you end up at Albertacos (or if you wake up to a styrofoam to-go box next to you in bed...). 

3. McDonald's 

Open until: 11:00 PM, 24 hour Drive-Thru 

In my opinion, the fast food options in Orange definitely close too early. Although, it is nice to stop by a wonderful establishment like McDonald's after a day party, or on one of those days when your night starts at 7:00 pm rather than starting at 11:00 pm, or even on one of those nights when all three frat parties get rolled at the same time. McDonald's is a classic drunchie spot and will never let you down. 


french fries, ketchup, cheese
Drew Petersen

Open until: 1:00 AM Sunday-Thursday, 1:30 AM Friday & Saturday 

It is honestly hard to beat a side of Animal Fries and a Neapolitan milkshake after a long night of drinking and fighting your way through a dark, crowded, and sweaty house party. In-N-Out always has your back. 

5. Norms

Open: 24 hours

Norms is definitely the most underrated drunchie spot in Orange. It's honestly like Denny's—but better. I'll admit I have been here sober, SO WHAT. Anyways, the menu is huge. You can get breakfast, lunch, or dinner at any hour of the day, and the food is pretty spectacular at a decently low price. My go-to meal is a waffle and a side of fries with ranch and honey mustard. Their sauces are pretty dank, which is a definite plus in my book.

Whether it is the Cali burrito from Albertacos or a Big Mac and large fry from McDonald's, there is definitely a drunchie for you on this list. Happy drunching, Panthers.