It's easy to feel a sudden sense of hunger during the awkward late hours of the night, especially when there's no fourth meal. But it's difficult to satisfy those cravings when almost every restaurant in Hyde Park closes by 1 a.m.

So, after doing some research and not relying on UberEATS or Postmates to have a late night snack, I've decided that Insomnia is the ideal place to go to at 2 a.m. — or to be exact, at 2:55 a.m. The reason is that you can practice the art of getting free cookies at Insomnia.

The Story

Before going myself, I've heard several stories about how people went to Insomnia right before it closed at 3 a.m. and wound up getting extra cookies. Being an avid cookie eater, I promised myself that I would go to Insomnia to experience this myself.

One Friday night, a friend and I realized it was almost time for Insomnia to close. We made sure to wait until the last minute, which was around 2:56 a.m. to go down to the shop and get a cookie. We were told that going at the last minute would mean free cookies, since they wanted to close the shop and didn't want to use leftovers the next day

Looking inconspicuous, we went to the cashier and asked for one cookie. The cashier casually added two more cookies, but charged us for the price of only one cookie: $1.50.

The Verdict

I don't know if everyone who goes really late to Insomnia gets free cookies, but there's really no harm in trying to score a couple more cookies. The cookies are warm, gooey and huge, so paying $1.50 for one is already a great deal for a late night snack. Also, since the location is right by Campus North Residential Hall, it's very accessible to anyone living on or near campus.

If you're ever craving a snack late at night and can't use delivery food to quench your hunger, go to Insomnia Cookies and hopefully you'll get a few free cookies while you're at it!