Nothing says winter and brings out everyone’s inner child like a mug of warm hot chocolate. Even though the holidays are over, the coldest and snowiest months of the year are just beginning, and for those who don't enjoy tea or coffee, the winter season can be stressful when you're on the hunt for a hot beverage. But fear not! After visiting a handful of places around the city, I compiled a list of some spots that can't be missed if you're looking to find the best hot chocolate in NYC this winter. 


Perfect for those who appreciate a good garnish

If you love adding fun elements to your drinks and ordering Instagram-able beverages, then the Valrhona hot chocolate from Bubby’s is for you. It has a decadent dark chocolate flavor, smooth texture, and is topped with a toasted homemade marshmallow, which made this version of the beloved cocoa a standout!

Maura Consedine

Angelina Bakery

Perfect for classic hot cocoa lovers

The hot chocolate from Angelina Bakery is the kind that never goes out of style, and has a familiar taste that we probably all remember from childhood. It has a very frothy, milky taste to it, which puts it on the lighter side of the chocolate spectrum. This timeless cup of hot chocolate is the best option on my list for those who don’t want to be overwhelmed by a strong cocoa flavor.

Maura Consedine

Max Brenner

Perfect for those with a sweet tooth

The classic hot chocolate from Max Brenner is truly unmatched. Their version is not overwhelmingly sweet, but still lacks the sharp bitterness of dark chocolate that other drinks tend to have. It simply tastes like fresh melted milk chocolate with a touch of cream, and has a silky, thick texture. Top that with two giant marshmallows and you have the ultimate hot cocoa. 

Maura Consedine

No Chewing Allowed

Perfect for dark chocolate die-hards

I kept hearing about No Chewing Allowed’s hot chocolate on TikTok, and wanted to see for myself if it lived up to the hype. The truffle they add to the drink is a unique touch that packs an additional pop of flavor, but it does bring a bit of grittiness to the cocoa. It was another very rich, dark chocolate beverage that is great to sip on while hanging by the ice rink at Bryant Park.

Maura Consedine

Angelina Paris

Perfect for those who love the finer things in life

Made with 3 types of African cocoa, the hot chocolate from Angelina Paris had a dimensional, fudgy flavor that was to die for. This is another spot I kept hearing people rave about, and it exceeded my expectations. The drink was truly the perfect velvety texture and had an amazing ratio of milk to chocolate, not to mention the fact that it can be enjoyed in such a gorgeous space. 

Maura Consedine

Martha’s Country Bakery

Perfect for chocolate/peanut butter aficionados

The peanut butter hot chocolate from Martha’s was kind of a wild card choice. It had a delightful balance of sweet and salty with a very distinct peanut butter flavor, and came with a generous dollop of whipped cream. If your go-to ingredient combo is chocolate & peanut butter, or if you are looking to shake it up a bit and stray from tradition, this beverage is my recommendation!

Maura Consedine

So, after a long day of sledding in Central Park, window shopping in the city, working that exhausting 9-5, or hitting up your favorite museum to escape the cold, which location are you venturing to first?