Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival can be most accurately described as spiritual, musical, beautiful, and... delicious? Yup. Delicious. There was more to Okeechobee Fest than head-bangers, murals, tapestries, art installations, and downright phenomenal human beings, there was some damn good food too. Ok, the food options were disappointingly pricey, but I for one got my money's worth in terms of taste. Below you'll find all you need to know about my personal favorite food trucks from Okee and where to find them today. Ease any lingering festival withdrawals and get your munchies on. 

Amish Baking Company

More than just your basic Dunkin' Donuts or Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts, these authentic Amish pastries will catapult you into a delectable doughnut daze you'll never want to leave. These warm circular clouds were also, conveniently, one of the most budget-friendly items at Okeechobee. These doughnuts are so revolutionary, the Rolling Stones even featured them post-Bonnaroo 2014. Local to Sarasota, FL, Amish Baking Co. is a regular at the Phillippi Farmhouse Market, 9 A.M. to 2 P.M. on Wednesdays from October to April. However, if you're a festival wanderer, they'll also be at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. 

What's the Catch

In a retro silver Airstream trailer, Okeechobee introduced me to some of the best fish tacos I've come across. Coming from a girl with a borderline taco addiction, it's hard to make fish tacos taste like much. What's the Catch has nailed that task with colors flying all over the freakin' sky. For an expensive $6 per taco, the taste was pleasing but I admittedly shed a tear as I swiped my card. The Jacksonville, FL native can be found around the city at local events, but with a locator page that hasn't been updated, we can only hope their events will mirror those listed for 2016.

Smokin' Pete's BBQ

What better way to enhance your festival experience than with some good old 'MERICAN wood-fired barbecue. Pulled pork can make America great again, and so can Smokin' Pete's star spangled food truck. The vehicle turn restaurant is actually decked out in about a hundred USA flags. Land of the brave, home of the BBQ? At $8.50, a pulled pork sandwich can seem questionable. But after the first bite, you'll understand its worth. You can find these stellar eats at Ciderstock at Woodchuck Hard Cider in Middlebury, VT on August 19th. #spoontip: get the sweet potatoes fries and you'll be all smiles. 

The Key West Conch Shack

You may have guessed from the name, but Key West Conch Shack is native to none other than South Florida. True to Soflo style, this truck is a fusion of Caribbean, Latin, Asian, and southern meals. This avant-garde seafood cuisine is based in Miramar, FL. A friendly reminder of home for me at Okeechobee, these tasty blends were a whirlwind of hell-to-the-yeah. The Conch Shack will be at the Food Truck Invasion at Howard Park in West Palm Beach, FL, on Tuesday, March 24th, from 5 to 9 P.M. 

The Hyppo

These all natural, non-GMO, no preservative, handmade ice pops were the blissful remedy for Okeechobee's daily high temperatures and scorching sun rays. Styled after Mexican paletas, these pops come in over 450 seasonal flavors. Aka they have Pumpkin Pie pops in the fall. *wipe the drool* Despite St. Augustine being The Hyppo's hometown, these fruit crazed pops believe in spreading the l-o-v-e can be found literally all over Florida, as well as at a few spots in Georgia and North Carolina. 

Undoubtedly, I had more than enough yummy treats to fuel my absurd dance moves at Okeechobee Music Fest. Keep in mind, given the enormous amount of food trucks present, these five are only the best of the ones that I chose to eat from. As any survivor would know, post-festival depression is real. So if you're like me and cannot stop watching your Flume videos, switch it up and try reliving Okee by tracking down these food trucks instead.