Despite the “Freshman 15” being the nightmare of everyone’s college experience, you've gotta splurge on something sweet every once in a while. And luckily for OU students, Norman is full of various dessert places to choose from! After living here for nearly two years, I’m here to tell you all the best places to go depending on what type of sweet treat you are craving.

Chocolate: Apple Tree Chocolate

Located on Campus Corner, Apple Tree is the location of every chocolate lover’s fantasy. They have a wide selection of chocolates, fudge, pretzels, and caramel apples. Basically, anyone can find something to cure their sweet tooth. The chocolate and caramel are all made from scratch as well. Apple Tree's wide range of treats also makes a perfect option for birthday or anniversary gifts.

Cookies: Cookies ‘n’ Cards

Cookies 'n' Cards is one of the cutest places in Norman. It's been here for decades, and the current owner, Nancy, is the one who started it. The shop is a bakery, card store, and jewelry store all in one. The bakery has a wide range of cookies and cookie cakes to choose from. The most popular cookie cake is the sugar cookie with strawberry frosting. They also have a wide selection of cupcakes and brownies, and anything from the bakery can be delivered if you live locally.

Cupcakes: Crimson & Whipped Cream

Although their menu isn’t the longest, the food and atmosphere really make up for it. Located on Campus Corner, Crimson & Whipped Cream is a petite coffee shop and bakery that also makes a great study spot. Their menu changes daily, but red velvet, chocolate, and German chocolate cupcakes are always offered. Be sure to check the daily menu online before going to ensure they’ll have a flavor you like.

Donuts: Donut King

pretzel, sweet, chocolate, doughnut
Carly Aasheim

For the people who are all about the classic donut shop experience, Donut King will satisfy your fried dough cravings. They have low prices and a great flavor selection. Their donuts are perfectly sized and not too heavy. It’s a super easy place to stop in and pick up some donuts, and they're open 24 hours!

Frozen Yogurt: EarthFruits

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Carly Aasheim

Although there aren’t many FroYo places in Norman, EarthFruits definitely doesn't disappoint. They always have a good variety of yogurt flavors, from the typical chocolate and vanilla to fun seasonal flavors that change regularly. The one thing better than their flavor variety is their topping bar. It's by far the biggest selection of toppings I have ever seen at a frozen yogurt place, and quite honestly they probably have any topping you're craving. If you love having options, EarthFruits is the place for you.

Ice Cream: The Baked Bear

Sorry for being basic, but there’s no way this could be left off the list! As the newest addition to Campus Corner, The Baked Bear is already one of the most popular dessert places in town. Their menu is full of many different cookie, ice cream and topping options that make the combinations almost endless. They are best known for their cookie sandwiches, but I also highly recommend the brownie bear bowl.

Popsicles: Epic Pops

Another new-ish addition to Campus Corner is Epic Pops, the go-to spot for a frozen treat on a stick. Everything is made at the store, and the flavors change regularly. Their flavors are divided into two categories: creamy and fruity. One of their newer flavors is Pink Lemonade with Gummy Bears, which has been a big hit! They also now have the option to dip your pop in chocolate and add toppings to it, too.

Epic Pops is currently revamping the store’s interior and menu, and they said to be on the lookout for alcohol pops in the near future.