While everyone knows that Houston has amazing restaurants, its desserts are a whole other story. That being said, Houston is huge and it can be overwhelming knowing where to go when there are SO many different options. Having lived in Houston my whole life and needing chocolate pretty much every day to stay sane, I have found some of the best desserts in Houston and wanted to share them.

GOODE COMPANY: Chocolate Cinnamon Shake

If you're from Houston, you have probably been to one of the Goode Company restaurants, whether it be for their delicious BBQ or extra cheesy quesadillas. What a lot of people don't know of is their Chocolate Cinnamon Shake. Its unique sweet and spicy flavor makes it one of the best late night snacks


Goode Company figured out a spin on your average pecan pie by whisking their great filling, allowing it to absorb perfectly into the baked crust and the pecans on top. Topped with a delicious scoop of vanilla ice cream, a slice of this pie will make you feel like it's Thanksgiving day any time of the year. It's so good that people even demand it from all across the United States

FRENCH GOURMET BAKERY: Chocolate Thumbprints

Serving Houstonians for 40 years, this family-owned French bakery dishes out some of the tastiest french pastries in Houston. Their most popular items include their delicious chocolate eclairs and rich chocolate cakes, but their chocolate thumbprints, are my personal favorite. A sweet filled bite with just a kiss of the highest quality chocolate frosting on a perfect cookie base makes this dessert stand out from the rest.

TINY'S MILK & COOKIES: Chocolate Chip Cookie

With its perfectly melted chocolate chips, these gooey cookies, made fresh every day, have turned cookies into an entire industry for Tiny Boxwoods. These cookies were in such high demand that Tiny's now has an entire walk up bakery on the side of their restaurant just to sell them and they even sell cookie dough for customers to be able to take the deliciousness home. In my opinion, this is one of the best desserts in Houston.

DESSERT GALLERY: Brownie Batter Blast

PSA: This is not something to order if you happen to be counting your calories for the week. The gooey texture of a warm brownie topped with Amy's Mexican Vanilla ice cream and hot fudge sauce makes this off-the-menu sundae creation everything you could truly want from a dessert.

PAULIE'S: Shortbread Cookies

These fun decorated shortbread cookies take on a different theme every day, whether it be for an Astros win, a holiday or just what the talented bakers are feeling for that particular day. Not only are these cookies pretty to look at, they are the perfect light shortbread cookie topped with delicious sugar icing and are a real work of art.


Before you die, you have to try the vanilla petit fours from Moeller's Bakery, one of the best desserts in the Houston area. Established in 1930, this bakery prides itself in making all their desserts completely from scratch. These petit fours consist of the sweetest vanilla icing that coats the moist cake, making it melt in your mouth.


Petite Sweet is known in Houston for their amazing macarons, which come in a wide variety of flavors , including rose, spicy Mexican chocolate and birthday cake. These macaroons are cooked just right and stored refrigerated to the perfect temperature to provide a light outer dough and sweet inner hefty sized filling.

THE CHOCOLATE BAR: Any Day's A Holiday Cake

If you are in the mood for a huge slice of cake and are a biggg chocolate person like myself, this is your place. With rich chocolate buttercream icing generously placed in between alternating layers of moist chocolate cake and moist yellow cake, this cake is truly the ying to your yang.

SMOOSH COOKIE: Ice Cream Sandwiches

If you're from Houston, you have probably seen the Smoosh food truck at least once. Customized to your liking, Smoosh's homemade ice cream smooshed between your choice of two cookies makes for the perfect summer dessert. 

Whatever you're craving cake, cookies, ice cream or anything in between, Houston has you covered.