Another late night in the library. Another early morning. Sometimes, all college students need to get through a long day is a nice cup of coffee. Luckily, Muhlenberg and Allentown have many places to get coffee and fulfill caffeine needs. 

Java Joes

Java Joes is the "Starbucks" at Muhlenberg and sells the best coffee on campus. It is located in the student union, the hub of campus. Java Joes sells Starbucks drinks as well as pastries. You can order latte's, iced or hot coffee, and add the flavor of your choice. My personal favorites are a caramel or vanilla iced coffee because I like my coffee sweet. You can also get Frappuccino's if you're looking for caffeine, but want something blended. Whatever coffee you get and whatever pastry you choose to accompany it with will leave you feeling better and satisfied. 

General Quarters

GQ, also called General Quarters and located in the student union, has everything Muhlenberg students could ever want, including coffee. GQ serves Delight's Iced Coffee, Seattle's Best vanilla, cinnamon, or hazelnut flavored hot coffee, and Starbucks' frappuccino chilled coffee drinks. GQ is open most of the day and evening so it's the place to go when your'e looking for coffee on campus at midnight

Dunkin' Donuts

America runs on Dunkin. That is very true especially for college students. Dunkin' Donuts coffee is a preference for most, considering the abundance of flavors and cheap price. My favorite is an Iced Macchiato with a strawberry sprinkled donut. There is a 24 hour Dunkin on Tilghman Street. Now you know where you will be going during finals season. 

Greenmouth Juice Bar and Cafe

Greenmouth Juice Bar and Cafe is a cafe in downtown Allentown. A hot brunch place, they serve organic smoothies, acai bowls, a smashing avocado toast, and of course coffee. They offer "La Colombe Coffee + Espresso coffee," which are both eco-friendly. Brunch, coffee, artsy pictures, and eco- friendly. Talk about a win-win scenario. 

Coffee House Without Limits

Coffee House Without Limits is located in downtown Allentown. They serve coffee, tea, espresso drinks, and baked goods while offering customers a cozy, tight-knit atmosphere (plus free wifi). It is the perfect place to relax with friends or study. They have 15 coffee flavor shots that you can add to spice up your drink. A White Chocolate shot added to my coffee, free wifi, and a comfortable place seems good to me.