A toasted bun, juicy patty, crispy fries, and an ice cold Diet Coke. Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is. While a burger and fries is quite possibly the most basic American meal ever, it’s one of the best. Think about it: it’s late at night and your stomach is empty. The only satisfying way to fill it up is by calling up one of those burger joints close by and spend the best (probably) $5 of your life right then and there.

Tucson may not have the most amazing water to make bagels and we’re not sure if we should trust the sushi here or not, but let me just tell you that it actually has some of the tastiest and delicious burgers you will ever inhale. If you don’t believe me, then see it for yourself. You might want to get your phone ready to dial up one of these places after you read this.

If you are not already hungry, there is a good chance you will be in about two minutes. Ready, set, eat.

1. Lindy’s on 4th

Best Burgers in Tucson

Photo courtesy of Lindy’s on 4th

Why have french fries on the side when you can just put them inside?

2. In-N-Out Burger

Best Burgers in Tucson

Photo by Stefanie Blumer

West Coast, best coast. Have you checked out their secret menu? If not, prepare yourself.

3. Graze Premium Burger

Best Burgers in Tucson

Photo courtsey of Edible Baja AZ

Did I mention they have an entire dipping sauce bar? Yes, it even includes Sriracha Mayo.

4. Diablo Burger 

Best Burgers in Tucson

Photo courtesy of Mark Stefano

Diablo means devil. Devil means bad ass… which means that’s exactly how this burger tastes.

5. Monkey Burger

Best Burgers in Tucson

Photo courtesy of Monkey Burger Tucson

Quit monkeying around and devour this four-layer concoction.

Did you order yet?