Bubble tea, commonly known as “Boba,” originated in Taiwan in the 1980s and has since spread all throughout the world. Its popularity has surged, especially in the United States, with prominent figures from reality stars to politicians seen sipping on it through its signature (and practical) thick straw.

Fortunately for us, Chicago’s Boba game is killer strong. From small popup shops, to authentic Boba joints in Chinatown, to national chains, we have you covered on where to get the best Boba in Chicago.

Bubble Tea

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1. Joy Yee

Bubble Tea

Photo courtesy of @joyyeenoodle on Instagram

When it comes to Chicago bubble tea, Joy Yee is king. Joy Yee is home to pan-asian cuisine and amazing bubble tea in Chicago’s Chinatown Square. With so many flavors, you could go a hundred times without repeating an order. Joy Yee is also home to some very unique flavors for the extreme boba fans, like the Durian Fruit Freeze or the Jackfruit Sprite.

2. Kung Fu Tea

Bubble Tea

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Kung Fu Tea is another New York classic that is spreading all across the US, and thankfully, to Chicago’s Chinatown. Kung Fu Tea has authentic Taiwanese bubble tea are dedicated to making their teas with the finest ingredients. They have a great selection of milk teas, fruit teas, and even Kung Fu Coffee.

3. Cassava Cafe

Bubble Tea

Photo courtesy of @cassavacafe on Instagram

Cassava Cafe is a hidden gem in the Northside. Their teas are made from scratch, and they don’t use any powders, preservatives, or artificial flavors. They also serve the holy trinity: Metropolis Coffee, grilled cheese, and pho – what more do you need?

4. Vivi Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea

Photo courtesy of @vivibubbletea on Instagram

Vivi Tea is the place to get boba in New York City. They’ve finally made the trek west to Chicago and we could not be more #blessed. The Chicago location is in the lobby of the DePaul Center in the Loop, and its adorable decorations will undoubtedly pull you in. They have a large range of teas from traditional milk teas to slush drinks, all of them incredibly delicious.