Aside from holding the title for the wine, cheese and fashion capital of the world, France also has an absolute monopoly on desserts. Baking the flakiest doughs, the richest chocolates and the creamiest nougats; dessert is just another elite form of French art that surpasses its aesthetic only in flavor.

Following a summer study abroad experience, where I adhered to a strict pastry-a-day diet, my nostalgia and sweet tooth compelled me to seek out the 7 most delicious French desserts Kansas City has to offer.

After thorough investigation, here is what I found:

1. Ça Va – Tarte Tartin

A tasteful little champagne bar tucked away on a quiet corner in Westport, Ça Va touts a long list of sparkling wine and snacks. They also serve the best tarte tatin that I’ve found in Kansas City. Tarte tatin is an upside-down pastry with apple slices caramelized in butter and sugar before being baked. Ça Va serves theirs with a scoop of vanilla for added decadence.

2. Best Regards Bakery – Éclair au Chocolat

The best éclair in the in the city is actually found in the 'burbs. Best Regards Bakery in Overland Park is an old-school artisan bakery with a knack for pastries, and chocolate eclairs above all else. Like a doughnut but better, eclairs are made of choux dough that is light as air, stuffed with creamy custard and drizzled with a bittersweet chocolate ganache. If you don’t think it’s worth the drive, then I question your priorities.

3. Le Fou Frog – Crème Brûlée

Le Fou Frog is unquestionably the king of French cuisine in Kansas City, known as “the spot” for French fare. While Le Fou Frog is a bit pricey, their happy hour menu is generously full of classic French bites. Head there for happy hour and end the experience with their heavenly crème brûlée. Crème Brûlée, also known as “burnt cream” is a decadent custard base with a flambéed, caramelized top. There are few things in this world quite as satisfying as cracking that caramelized crust.

4. Café Provence – Mousse aux Chocolat

Chocolate mousse is to France, like apple pie is to 'Merica. Perhaps the most quintessentially French dessert, finding the best mousse around was serious business. Café Provence in Prairie Village is the most recognized French restaurant in KC. Laden with deceivingly light layers of both milk and dark chocolate drizzled with crème anglaise, it’s more sinful than it seems.

5. Chez Elle Crêperie - Crêpes 

Believe it or not, crêperies are everywhere in France. Crêpes are thin French pancakes stuffed with anything from ham and brie, to Nutella and banana. Typically, dessert crêpes are the more popular option (duh). Here in Kansas City we actually have a cozy crêperie of our own. Located in Westside, Chez Elle Crêperie is a popular brunch spot; offering sweet, savory and breakfast crêpes. When it comes to crêpes, I keep it sweet with their crêpe glacé, topped with strawberries, vanilla ice cream and crème anglaise, best paired with a glass of sparkling wine.

6. Westport Cafe and Bar - Profiteroles

With killer brunch and one of the best happy hours in the city, Westport Cafe and Bar is a local haunt for those seeking great cocktails and accessible French food. Westport Cafe also boasts the best profiteroles in the area. Think of them as ice cream-stuffed éclairs; these treats are made with fluffy choux dough, sandwiched around vanilla ice cream and drenched in a thick chocolate ganache. If you want to make a decision that you can feel good about, polish off your steak frites with an order of profiteroles next time you pop in to Westport Cafe. Just because it comes with three, doesn't mean you have to share.

7. Bloom Baking Co. – Macarons

Arguably the most instagrammed French delicacy, macarons are small meringue-based cookies that are sandwiched together around a fruity or creamy filling. They are ridiculously difficult to make, and come in hundreds of different flavors. Bloom Baking Co.’s flavors are constantly changing to keep you coming back for more of their petite cookies. You can buy them individually, or if you are like me and in a committed relationship with dessert, you can purchase the baker’s dozen to experience every unique flavor du jour. 

My investigation of the 7 most delicious French desserts in Kansas City led me to places that rekindled my nostalgia and tightened my pants. Finding classic French desserts in KC may not be as easy as it would be strolling down the Champs-Elysées, but with a little digging there was deliciousness to be found. While my search doesn’t end here, getting this information out now seemed too important to postpone, plus if I continue at this rate, I’ll have to spend money on a bigger pair of pants instead of pastries. So, for now, take a pause-café, visit any one of these restaurants or boulangeries, and order something très délicieux.