Students in Halifax are lucky enough to live in a city surrounded by many amazing farms. Drive a couple of hours out of the city and you're in the heart of the Annapolis Valley. This province has a lot to offer and this article will guide you to exactly where you can find the best locally sourced produce in Halifax. 

1. Halifax Seaport Farmer's Market

The Halifax Seaport Farmer's Market is an obvious choice for anyone looking for fresh produce. Opened in 1750, Halifax is lucky to be home to the longest running market in North America. The large space has a great atmosphere with lots of local vendors, views of the harbor, and even live music. Stop by early in the morning on the weekend to buy produce from vendors such as Abundant Acres, Elm Ridge Farm, and Noggins Corner Farm. A full list of vendors can be found here along with a map of the market here.

2. DSU Farmer's Market

Pick up pre-made boxes of fresh, local produce at our very own DSU (Dalhousie Student Union) Farmer's Market. The pop-up market operates Tuesday and Wednesday's at Studley Campus from 10am-3pm, and Wednesday's at Sexton Campus from 11am-2pm. With close to wholesale pricing, the market is super affordable for students. Pre-order the produce boxes and pick up a medley of current seasonal produce from farms like Abundant Acres and Noggins. Regular boxes go for $20 and a mini box sells for $12.

3. Pete's Fine Foods  

Grocery stores aren't always the best places for finding local produce, but Pete's Fine Foods is a bit of an exception. The store boasts up to 50% local produce at peak season which means you can find a lot of fresh, locally sourced food while picking up the rest of your groceries. This chain has its headquarters in Halifax and the owner, Pete Luckett, has a farm of his own and thus understands the importance of incorporating Halifax farm produce into his stores. Luckett puts his focus on where his food is grown and harvested rather than on how attractive the final product looks, so Pete's is absolutely a great location to pick up your locally sourced produce in Halifax.

4. Historic Farmer's Market 

Halifax's Historic Farmer's Market is open every Saturday from 7am-1pm selling local produce. The market is located inside the 200 year old heritage building of Brewery Square. Vendors include Four Season's Farm which sells a ready-to-plate salad mix containing 30 varieties of different greens. A full list of vendors can be found here.  

5. Square Roots

Sign up here to learn more about Square Roots and their bundle giveaways which often involve getting up to 10 lbs of fresh local produce for only $5-$10. Square Roots has also recently launched a new initiative that targets leftover food at Halifax restaurants. Tokens can be purchased for $5 and can be used to redeem meals made from the surplus ingredients at partnering restaurants.

... or try growing your own!

If you've always wanted to test out your green thumb, check out Annapolis Seeds. Use this summer to start trying to grow your own. The company sells heirloom vegetable and herb seeds. Find their stall at the Halifax Seaport Farmer's Market or make your purchase online.