Locally-sourced produce in Chico is everywhere, and being able to track down your foods helps sustain local farms, farmers, and businesses. Chico, CA is a notoriously small college town, known for its college campus and rolling farms. As a town so surrounded by agriculture, it is safe to say we have some great produce and other groceries to shop from.

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These outlets include weekly farmers markets all over town, which are loaded with fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables. There are Thursday night markets on Broadway Street, where there isn't much produce, but other local restaurants and businesses showcase their food and products.

These normally start in April and carry through the summer until around October when the weather starts to get chilly. It is a great way to get students out and about, and it is always fun seeing your friends downtown. 

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The Saturday morning market is abundant with locally-sourced produce in Chico. Local farmers come and sell their produce, including carrots, lettuce, garlic, and more. Other vendors also sell eggs, honey, kombucha, fish, beef, pressed juices, and many more. There are also organic and non-organic options for most produce and food items.

Both markets are also rain or shine, so don't fret if you need to  to get your weekly produce. The trek through the rain does put a damper on the usually-bustling town, but have no fear, the market is still here.  

Guzetti's is one of our favorite spots to hit when we first get to the market. Not only do they sell special Indian breads and spreads, but their samosas are to die for. 

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Most Chico locals can probably agree this year's allergies are THE WORST. Luckily, there are lots of different vendors for local honey to curb those allergy symptoms. Lots of the honey vendors also sell nuts and/or wax candles. 

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Some other grocery stores that sell locally-sourced produce in Chico are Chico Natural Foods Cooperative, or Co-Op, and S&S Organic Produce and Natural Foods, or S&S. These grocery stores are Chico local and support local food vendors. They are a bit on the pricey side as most organic grocery stores are, but their produce is top notch and delish.