The city of Portland is littered with lively coffee shops—one on almost every corner. For this reason, we recommend steering away from the standard pumpkin spice latte this fall and exploring some of the best fall drinks in Portland (that aren't pumpkin spice lattes).

1. The Tea Bar: Pumpkin Spice Boba Tea

Sarah Varney

The perfect combination of milk tea and fall spice. Hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and cayenne added to black tea and pumpkin puree. (Also available as a hot drink.) With multiple locations, it's easy to find a Tea Bar nearby. The bright, minimalist interior provides the perfect place to catch up with a friend or hit the books without distractions. 

2. Cathedral Coffee: Chaider

Sarah Varney

Cathedral Coffee creates a balanced blend of sweet and spicy flavors by combining chai tea and apple cider, the perfect drink for a cold fall day. The homey shop is just minutes away from University of Portland making it a student favorite. Mustard yellow velvet lounge chairs, wood accents and local art work make for a comfortable atmosphere. 

3. Prince Coffee: Hot Buttered Yam Tea

Sarah Varney

Black tea infused with yam flavoring and adorned with chocolate sea salt provides for a unique and flavorful pumpkin spice alternative. Prince is also known in Portland for homemade stroopwafels. Fall specials include a sweet option with pumpkin curd, marshmallow cream and ginger cookie crumbles and a savory option with roasted spicy butternut squash with bacon and brown butter pecans.

#SpoonTip: Seasonal drinks are served all week but stroopwafels are only available Saturday's and Sunday's from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

4. Good Coffee: Maple and Smoked Orange Latte

Sarah Varney

Espresso with milk and hints of cinnamon, maple flavoring, orange and tea began as a fall special yet drink has become so popular it is now available year round. The signature latte is available both hot and iced. Tile details, plants and walls adorned with decor make Good Coffee the perfect place to escape the Portland rain.  

5. Case Study: Cafe con Miel 

Sarah Varney

Ground cinnamon, sea salt, milk and honey are added to expresso to create this seasonal beverage. The ingredients compliment the rich expresso flavors. The two story Alberta location offers lots of seating for busy days. A florescent sign welcomes by-passers in off the street. 

Grab a friend or some homework and escape the Pacific Northwest's frigid wind and grey drizzle with these warming beverages.