You can call your family, you can FaceTime your friends, but you can't reach out to your favorite cultural dishes when you're craving them. The only things you could do are turn your kitchen into your cultural playground, count down the days until you and your real loved ones can be reunited, or...scope out the spots around your city to get your fill. Here are the places you definitely need to try if you're looking for some delicious Cuban food near Atlanta.

1. Papi's Cuban & Caribbean Grill

Located right next to the most Southern restaurants I've ever seen, ironically enough, is this Cuban gem! I'm here for an hour, and my Cuban/Miami-self starts seeping through. Get an order of the Tostones Supremos, a pan con bistec, and an order of croquetas

2. Havana Sandwich Shop

Fun fact - the owners are the first family to bring a full Cuban menu to the restaurant scene in Atlanta, and I don't know how I could possibly thank them for getting me through the past 3 years. The Cuban sandwich is a MUST HAVE, and you should definitely get an order of empanadas

3. Little Cuba

You'll mistake this restaurant for the chef's living room, which is the exact way you want to feel when you're missing home. Their arroz con pollo is delicious, and the maduros are perfect. Just don't order too much food – the portions are huge!

4. Cuba Mia

Our very own Pinecrest Bakery, this cute little spot is open ALL NIGHT Thursday through Sunday from midnight to 6am. No better way to end your night out or begin your early morning, especially if you're craving Cuban food near Atlanta.

5. Mami's La Cubana Cuban Restaurant

Can't let Papi steal the spotlight. Mami’s comes ready with their daily lunch specials, but I'd definitely recommend making time on your Mondays to taste their Ropa Vieja wrap. 

6. Pan American Bakery

Your Cuban abuela is serving up delicious pastelitos and cortados. Everyone's family here...if you remember your cash (they don't take card!). $5 for their Cuban sandwich – quite the steal.

7. Buena Gente Cuban Bakery

With Buena Gente, you get the joys of some delicious Cuban food after the mission of tracking down their ventanita. Yes, it's a food truck, but the work makes it all the more worth it. Try out the pastelitos con guava y queso, beef empanadas, and cafe con leche.

8. Beni's Cubano

For the real thing without the travel expenses! Pop in on Mondays for some $5 mojitos, and be sure to try out the yuca fries, Milagro sandwich, and Mojo chicken while you're there.  

Maybe Camila Cabello didn't feel too out of place when she was dragged to East Atlanta. All these restaurants are easy fixes for when you're missing home, and they definitely do the culture justice. Buen provecho!