Imagine floating in the Mediterranean and feasting on freshly made food that practically jumped out of the sea. Doesn't that sound like a dream come true? I found that Long Island has some hidden gems—restaurants cranking out the most authentic Mediterranean food that will transport you to a Greek island.

If you are looking for more than grab-and-go gyros or Greek salads, Long Island has a wide variety of Mediterranean-influenced cuisine. These six restaurants are some of the best Long Island has to offer and are listed in no particular order. 

1. The Greek Grill

Start your meal off with a bang by indulging in the best hummus on Long Island. The creaminess and authentic chickpea taste with pita bread on the side is a must-try. From their chicken gyro platters to their Horiatiki salad with the moistest grilled chicken, you can't go wrong at the "best named Greek Restaurant" on Long Island.

2. Krinti

Head over to Krinti in Woodbury for the best chicken gyro on the Island. Be sure to try their shepard's salad and hummus with warm crispy pita on the side. 

3. Opa Grille

pork, beef, sandwich, tomato, chicken
Lauren Peller

Famous for their Greek specialty dishes, Opa Grille is located in Bethpage. Their vegetarian moussaka and spinach pie will truly hit the spot and keep you satisfied. Opa Grille delivers a solid Mediterranean dining experience in an attractive setting. 

4. Mediterranean Snack Bar

Tucked away in the Huntington Village, the Mediterranean Snack Bar is the place to be. As one of Long Island’s greatest dining treasures, the seafood, salad, and genuine Greek cuisine will transport you to island in the Aegean Sea. Try their shrimp (Greek style) or chicken souvlaki with a side of yogurt dip and warm pita bread. 

5. Souvlaki Palace

In the heart of Commack, you can find this Mediterranean restaurant. The portions tend to be large, and the food will definitely keep you full. Try a simple Greek salad with grilled salmon, the perfect combination. 

6. Kyma

A more upscale Mediterranean experience can be found at Kyma. This restaurant is authentic and innovative and stays true to its Mediterranean roots, which is hard to find on Long Island. The best dishes are the Kyma chips, the Greek salad, and the grilled octopus.