Celebrating a birthday in the city can be overwhelming. Faced with practically unlimited choices, how is anyone to choose the best place for the ultimate once-a-year mind-blowing meal? If you're at a loss for where to start, we've broken down the best options for your birthday dinner in New York based on your favorite cuisine. 

1) La Esquina (Mexican) 

If you're a fan of Mexican, no other place in New York screams special occasion quite like La Esquina. When you first see it from the outside you're probably going to think "I'm celebrating my birthday in a diner?" Don't be fooled. Once you go inside, head down those stairs, and through the kitchen — It's a party. You can eat, move and groove.

#SpoonTip: Be sure to make reservations so the bouncer knows you're coming.  

2) Mari Vanna (Russian)

Authentic Russian food in a Russian doll house — what could be more special than that? At Mari Vanna, they know how to party, especially on Mondays. Also, you'll know your cake is coming towards you when you hear them singing for your special day in Russian! (с днем ​​рождения

3) Miss Lilys (Jamaican)

Couldn't hop a plane to Aruba for the big day? Don't worry, this hotspot has awesome vibes and upbeat music in a colorful setting that will make you forget you're not on an island vacation. The food is awesome and easy to share, especially when all your friends are grooving to the tunes. 

#SpoonTip: Order the Jerk Chicken. Just...order the jerk chicken. 

4) Souvlaki GR (Greek)

O.k., so Aruba didn't work out, and neither did a trip to Greece. That's alright if you head down to Soulvaki GR on the Lower East Side. This restaurant's interior transports you right to Mykonos, with its colorful white and blue walls and string lights. It's the best place to celebrate and share lots of your Greek favorites, from Dips to Gyros. Plus, in the summer they have an adorable patio outside on the sidewalk surrounded by flowers. 

5) Boqueria (Spanish)

Nothing says a special night with friends like tapas — and tapas you'll get at Boqueria, named after the famous Spanish market. They have two locations, so if you can't find space in SoHo, Flatiron is just as good. Obviously, we have to tell you that their special birthday "cake" is a Nutella churros sundae with sparkling candles.

6) Le Turtle (French)

If you like French food with a modern twist, healthy twist, this farm-to-table restaurant is for you. Order the whole roast chicken, and have your camera ready: it comes presented on a bed of flaming hay. 

#SpoonTip: The mirror outside is one-way. When you go to the bathroom, watch for passers-by taking selfies. 

7) Catch (Asian Fusion)

Catch in the Meatpacking District is not only trendy, it also has a rooftop. The restaurant is huge and packed with the see-and-be-seen crowd, so all eyes in the city will be on you for the celebration. The food is a combination of Japanese, Chinese, and Thai, making it the best place to satisfy everyone's taste buds.

8) Panna II Garden (Indian)

This literally lit restaurant — known all over social media for its distinctive pink lights — has the perfect celebration atmosphere. Come for the decorations and the boomerangs so that everyone remembers your special night. The prices are reasonable, so if you don't want to splurge and just want have fun with your friends, this place is calling your name. 

#SpoonTip: BYOB

Let's hope this tackled all your taste buds!