It’s a Thursday night and you’re celebrating a week almost completed. You decide tonight is no night for instant mac n’ cheese with some grapes… you want a real meal. Only issue is, there are just so many choices. So what to do? Naturally, just consult the stars.

Aquarius- Vigilante Coffee

Tianxin Chen

As an original, you are sick and tired of the mundane Chipotle bowl or overdone pizza scene. Vigilante gives you some fresh healthy options to complement your dinner cup of coffee (we all know your caffeine love goes into the night).

But don’t go alone, your social personality and love of intellectual conversation will make this not only a dinner, but a forum for discussion with your closest friends. Together you will discuss deep social issues while sipping a macchiato and chowing down on some acai.

Pisces- Milkboy Arthouse

After a long and stressful week you want nothing more than to listen to some new music and have a drink. In coming to Milkboy, you are able to explore new sounds and satisfy your artistic heart. Because you are a true romantic, perhaps invite along that girl or guy you have been looking at from across the class.

Make sure you watch how much you drink though, because your desire to escape reality could lead you to a very rough Friday morning.

Aries- Looney’s Pub

You barely agreed to go out to dinner tonight, because you were too busy watching the Final Four game that is now in overtime. A true sports fan, you belong at Looney’s.

This casual environment is perfect for your active and comfort-driven lifestyle. All you want is to throw on some sneakers, grab some of your friends and share some wings. The enthusiastic atmosphere makes you smile and having sports games in the background of your conversation is always welcome.

Taurus- Nando’s

You don’t like change. The stability of Nando’s where you know you will get some delicious chicken will serve your need for reliability. You probably will get the same ¼ chicken with mild sauce and a side of Portuguese rice. Stability is very important to you.

But do not think your stubborn nature makes you bland. You love cooking and having great flavor, so you will almost never opt for a subpar burrito or mediocre sub when given the choice of a warm sit down meal.

Gemini- Ten Ren’s Tea Time

Ashley Dyrhaug

A curious individual, you love the spontaneity of eating at Ten Ren’s. Being able to try different flavors of bubble tea and expand your tastebuds to have Takoyaki makes you feel excited. The cute café feel makes it the perfect setting to chat with a new friend or join in on a board game.

Definitely budget a lot of time for dinner though as the endless dim sum options and different possible combinations of boba will send your indecisive nature running wild.

Cancer- Ledo’s Pizza

As a loyal individual, you have no interest eating anywhere that is not central to the College Park brand. It’s only natural you indulge at Ledo’s being that this is where it all began. You also love a good meal, so being able to sit down and enjoy the moment is a huge plus for you as well.

You also hate when too many people are in your space and only like a small circle of friends. This quieter atmosphere will bring out the best in your sometimes moody and pessimistic outlook on life.

Leo- Old Maryland Grill

You heard going out for dinner as going all out for dinner. As a generous individual you invite all of your friends (which is synonymous with people that you are trying to impress) out to this new restaurant. You love being admired and thanked when you slap your credit card down on that bill with a smile.

As a luxury driven individual you will definitely be indulging in a filet mignon with a side of crab cakes while splitting a bottle of red wine among the table. Your friends will definitely hone in on your arrogance, but they will love the meal and definitely still want to keep going out to dinner with you.

Virgo- Sweetgreens

You still want to go out for dinner, but you don’t want to ruin how well you’ve been eating this entire week. After analyzing the nutrition facts of every well known restaurant on Route 1, you decide on Sweetgreens. It’s also Thursday, so you do not have all night to eat and chit-chat. You decide on taking a power salad to go then eat it in your dorm room while pounding organic chemistry for the next five hours.

Libra- Chipotle

Chipotle Burrito Bowl, burrito bowl, Chipotle
Jocelyn Hsu

As soon as you decided on going out to dinner, you had to conference call all of your friends to survey them as to where they wanted to go. While everyone was fighting, you proposed Chipotle. As a diplomatic individual, you want to eat somewhere that everybody likes so that there is no tension.

Another great reason to choose Chipotle is it is minimal decision making on your part. You know your perfect bowl combination and will not have to spend hours looking at the menu like you usually do.

Scorpio- Blaze

pizza, pepperoni, crust, mozzarella
Hailey Almsted

You can’t stand to not be right. That’s why you opt for Blaze because nobody can argue with you that it is the best pizza place on Route 1. As a true friend you invite everyone to come out with you, but are willing to bring them back their favorite pizza if they’re too busy studying. And yes, you have each one of your friends perfect pizza order memorized, it’s actually kind of creepy.

You’re passionate about your dinner choice and adore the comfort of pizza. Going anywhere else would be a waste.

Sagittarius- Krazi Kebob

You cannot decide what cuisine you feel for tonight, so you go for the Indian, Pakistani, Mexican fusion option. A lover of travel and trying new things, you are not even phased by how much is going on here. You go alone, because no one can keep up with your crazy food orders and pile everything onto that piece of naan bread.

You definitely over committed though (like you usually do) because some of the flavors you put together in this order are just downright weird.

Capricorn- Potbelly

In 6th grade when Wall-E came out, you got a ham sandwich and a cup of baked potato soup from Potbelly and now that is all you want. As a lover of tradition, your heart is bound to this College Park anchor, no matter how many new places spring up.

You love the quality of the sandwiches and the ability to exercise self-control and opt for something low calorie. Even though you bring a few friends with you, you give them a judgy look when they craft their own mac n’ cheese then pair it with a milkshake.