Cal Poly SLO is home to several dining options for students —and several thousand students of each zodiac sign. The 12 astrological signs all have differing needs, wants and characteristics. Luckily, there is a different Cal Poly food spot for each of them.

Aries - Food Trucks

Aries signs are trailblazers, always looking for the most efficient and quick way to go about their activities. They tend to be eager and excited for life, which doesn’t always leave room for hour-long lunch breaks. To get the day moving along, Aries can find comfort in a quick stop at either of Cal Poly’s food trucks, Curbside Grill or Central Coaster. Both have a lot of options that change ever so often, catering to the dynamic nature of an Aries. You can often catch "rams" munching on a burger and fries from the Central Coaster as they walk from one class to the next.

Taurus - Mustang Station

Those of the bull sign tend to be dependable and persistent providers, always striving to get the job done. Mustang Station, the best spot on Cal Poly’s campus to order the college-student-staple of pizza, is just the place for a Taurus to get a guaranteed delicious meal. As to not lessen the creative inclinations of a Taurus, Mustang Station has several types of unique pizza flavors up for grabs, as well as pasta options. A Taurus is likely to be spotted with a slice of pepperoni pizza more often than not, as they are a sign of security and dependence (even when it comes down to choosing which type of pizza they know will taste good).

Gemini - Shake Smart

Miranda Knight

Gemini, the sign of the twins, is a versatile and vibrant horoscope sign; these traits are also perfect descriptors for the options at Cal Poly’s Shake Smart location. A menu that is both easily customizable and abundant in options, Shake Smart is the ultimate dining spot on campus for the expressive and curious Gemini. These air signs can be seen at Shake Smart on a daily basis, always trying something new to satisfy their cravings for the interesting and different.

Cancer - Red Radish

The crab signs, which are best known for being nurturing and protective of themselves and others, can easily be found eating at Cal Poly’s salad spot, Red Radish. Cancers know that one way to be protective is by protecting health, an easy thing to do by fueling the body with fresh vegetables and protein sources. Some cancers may even be seen taking their trait of compassion a step further, opting for solely plant-based options when dining at Red Radish. Not to mention, this customizable salad location is conveniently located next to Mustang Station, where their best-matched sign, the Taurus, will be grubbing.

Leo - Myron’s

This bold and dramatic sign doesn't settle for meals anywhere other than Myron’s, Cal Poly’s fancier sit-down restaurant. With options like Avocado Shiitake Quesadillas or Calamari Arrabbiata, Leos can be outgoing and expressive with their lunch choices without sacrificing their need to feel like a regal ruler. These lion signs might even stop by for just a burger, or rather, a sirloin or mushroom patty on a brioche bun with garlic aioli.

Virgo - Einstein Bros. Bagels

Virgos are best described as practical and often prioritize wellbeing, both of which can be satisfied with a stop at Einstein Bros. Bagels in Poly Canyon Village. A bagel with toppings is only $2.99, the perfect price for a college student. You can even grab coffee, orange juice or fruit while ordering at the bagel spot. The comfort of a warm bagel in the morning, topped with cream cheese or avocado and paired with a cup of OJ, is a prime way for Virgos to cater their needs of physical and mental wellbeing. Catch them walking out of Einstein’s with an extra bagel and coffee for a friend, being the loyal and caring Virgo they are.

Libra - 805 Kitchen

Libras, symbolized by scales, are balanced, fair-minded and social people, fitting in best at Cal Poly’s all-you-can-eat dining hall, 805 Kitchen. A food-filled place with a social and open atmosphere caters to a Libras. With a multitude of choices, ranging from waffles to vegetable dishes to chicken and burgers, Libras have a balance in options here. Plus, there is harmony between the social students and those who come to study while eating, allowing Libras to enjoy the dining location for either purpose. Any Libras on campus might be found at 805 for all three meals, not wanting to pass up having a ton of food options and seeing friends.

Scorpio - Subway

Scorpios are known as the intense, focused and resourceful sign. Getting wrapped up in a class project or essay is easy to do, as they dive deep into all parts of life — however, this can mean forgetting to grab dinner during normal hours. These resourceful water signs will know that Cal Poly’s Subway location is open 24 hours a day, which allows them to take a quick break from the library to grab a footlong (most likely leaving their belongings unwatched, as they are extremely brave people). Scorpios also tend to form lasting bonds, so don’t be surprised if they opt for the same meatball sub with salt and vinegar chips every time.

Sagittarius - Student Choice

A Sagittarius can easily be spotted in The Avenue, a dining location home to several restaurant options, ordering from the Student Choice station. As optimistic world-travelers, Sagittarians don't shy away from the location’s monthly-changing ethnic food options. Ranging from Thai, Italian or Mediterranean food, Student Choice offers up an exciting,

new option for the outgoing winter-born student to try. If you’re lucky, the Sagittarius might even buy a second serving for you, as they are known to be generous.

Capricorn - Starbucks

Miranda Knight

Capricorns, the goat signs, are planners, goal-setters and serious people most likely found at one of Cal Poly’s Starbucks locations before their 8 a.m. class. While waiting in line for their go-to soy latte (make it a triple shot) and feta wrap, they’re probably planning their day to the minute, as well as their business plans five years down the road. Don’t expect them to be too chatty in line, though; they’re often serious and independent. While Capricorns love the convenience and ease of getting their dietary needs from Starbucks, they also love a successful business, being business-minded themselves (just like the Starbucks’ founders, one of who is a Capricorn).

Aquarius - Jamba Juice

Known for being innovative, original and futuristic, Aquarians might find Cal Poly’s Jamba Juice location to be their favorite dining spot. Jamba Juice originated in San Luis Obispo as a senior project by Cal Poly’s student Kirk Perron in 1990. As an innovative idea that turned into an incredibly successful business, any Cal Poly Aquarius would appreciate the establishment. Those of this sign are known for being humanitarians and imaginative people, so a business built around providing tasty, healthy options is right up their ally. They’ll probably be the customers ordering a smoothie with five different customizations, but it’s all in the name of creativity.

Pisces - Yogurt Creations

Pisces-born people are artistic, affectionate and dreamers by nature. For these reasons, they are probably regulars at Cal Poly’s frozen yogurt shop, dubbed “YoCrea” by students. YoCrea is self-serve with a ton of flavor and topping options, providing Pisces a perfect way to let their artistry to shine through. Not to mention, Pisces probably offer up fro-yo to friends who are feeling sad or stressed, as they are always looking to comfort  loved ones with affection and sweet treats. These dreamers tend to believe that a big cup of chocolate fro-yo with Oreos and cookie dough is the key to happiness — are they wrong, though?