For spring break, I traveled to the West Coast to visit my best friend who goes to the University of California, Berkeley. Obviously, I had to see the not-so-sunny San Francisco, too, which meant a day full of unique foods one normally sees in Instagram videos. If you're ever wondering where to eat in the Bay Area, here are some go-to restaurants for each meal that you could hit in 48 hours.


Breakfast: CRÊPE CAFE

This cute cafe on Pier 39 in Fisherman's Wharf serves crepes like no other restaurant has before. Their menu has sweet and savory options, from a Hawaiian crepe all the way to the basic (yet delicious) strawberry and banana crepe. Their small location is warm, welcoming, and filled with the smell of a favorite breakfast food being made. They also have fries, but not just any old fries. Fries come in regular, funnel fries (yes, they are incredible), and garlic fries varieties. This place is definitely one of the best stops to start your eating fest around San Francisco.


Luigi's Pizzeria is also located in Pier 39 of Fisherman's Wharf and has a beautiful view of the water (if it's not too foggy, you can even see Alcatraz in the distance). The restaurant has everything from delicious pizza to mouth-watering Fettuccine Alfredo. While this isn't the most glamorous place, it has a classic diner vibe that is perfect for just hanging out with friends or family. Most importantly, they have mozzarella sticks (which is not a common appetizer in the San Francisco area).

Dinner: MACD

Mac and cheese lovers, welcome home. You may be familiar with this restaurant, as it has been written about and posted everywhere from Facebook to Pinterest. MACD allows you to create your own mac and cheese bowl however you want. They have different cheeses (including a vegan cheese), three types of noodles (including a gluten-free option), add-ins (such as broccoli or ham), and toppings (including breadcrumbs). When your dish is prepared, you will be amazed at how cheesy your creation turns out. The meal can sometimes be a bit heavy, which is why they offer to-go boxes if needed. But don't worry, this meal is one you'll want to savor.


One of the most iconic stops in San Francisco is the center of all things chocolate: Ghirardelli Square. Home to the first ever Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory, this place has everything you need to fulfill your sweet craving. You can enter from the main entrance and tour the small factory before being seated in the dining area. There, you can order off of their extensive menu of delicious treats ranging from decadent ice cream sundaes to shareable banana splits. If you want to skip the line, there's an entrance at the top where you can order your treat to go (it's significantly quicker, but some may prefer the "full experience"). Whichever you choose, you will forever dream of the delicious chocolatey wonder that is Ghirardelli.


Breakfast: Saturn

Saturn is a small café with a big menu— a menu that is completely vegetarian. They have many vegan and gluten-free options as well. Even if you do eat meat, you will not want to miss this spot. This retro-themed restaurant gives off a 50's diner vibe one can't help but love. While they have food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, definitely stop here for a bright start to your morning. They're serving up waffles, "bacon", "sausage", decorated toasts, and more. Their dishes also taste as wonderful as they look and are totally Instagram worthy. Hands down this is the best restaurant (especially for vegetarians and vegans).

Lunch: Artichoke Pizza

While this pizzeria is small, the individual slices of pizza are so large that they give you two plates to hold it all. Artichoke bakes their pizzas fresh throughout the day, so you will never be served a cold slice. Even so, they always put your slice back into the oven to ensure it is warm and delicious to your liking. They have multiple flavors such as Margherita, Crab, Meatball, just cheese, and of course artichoke. They also offer boxes for those grab-and-go moments, that is, if you are able to devour your slice without a fork and knife. 

Dinner: Gypsy's

The way my best friend described this place to me before we ate there was Panera, but with pasta. While the setting is a bit different, it's surprisingly true. Their menu has everything from calzones, to pastas, to salads, and beyond. Your order is made fresh as soon as you pay, which means you don't get someone else's leftovers. They have a to-go option, but there is a lot of indoor and outdoor seating for their customers. However, if you get a to-go, expect an extra charge since California is buckling down on plastic use.

Dessert: Cream

For the finales of all finales, I highly recommend going to Cream. In the four days I stayed in California, I went here twice because of how incredible their dessert was. The most popular choice here is to make an ice cream sandwich pressed between two warm brownies, gooey double chocolate chip cookies, or even a donut. If that isn't enough, you can even get toppings for the sides of your sandwich like colored sprinkles or nuts. They also offer decadent shakes and sundaes, not to mention that they have lactose-free options as well!

With all the restaurants in the Bay Area, you could spend an entire week in these cities without going to the same restaurant twice. While this list is merely a highlight reel, you could get lost in the endless choices available to you. Most importantly, never skip dessert!