Most people who know me will be able to point out that I'm a foodie, though not everyone knows that I actually also keep up with my astrological signs. Doesn't quite fit with my logic-only MO, but I appreciate being able to blame my clumsiness on Mercury being in retrograde, or my constant need to try new foods on the fact that I'm a Gemini. So, to mourn the end of the best zodiac cycle (remember, Gemini), I've compiled a list that combines these two loves—where to eat out in St. Louis, based on your zodiac sign.

Capricorn—The Bao

Tess Citron

Capricorns are hardworking and ambitious—they will do what it takes to make it. Just like Bao, St. Louis' one and only steamed bun-focused restaurant, Capricorns are leaders in their fields. The restaurant knows its audience and makes beautiful, tasty food without compromising the integrity of their dishes for Instagram trends (though their food is perfectly picturesque).

Sagittarius—Taco Buddha

Jenna Thomas

A Sagittarius likes to travel and try new things, just like Taco Buddha's head chef Ben McArthur. The restaurant's motto is "eat with peace," which fits perfectly into the philosophical side of the Sagittarius personality. And with a menu that changes weekly (sometimes daily), there's always a new flavor to explore.

Scorpio—Guerilla Street Food

Matthew Wenger

Scorpios are resourceful and brave, ready to push the limits and create success out of a less-than-deal situation. Guerilla Street Food began as the first source of Filipino food in St. Louis, during the meager beginnings of the food truck-scene that has come to dominate the city's culinary scene. They made do with a small truck, and eventually a mini storefront in the middle of a warehouse, and now operate two successful restaurants in the St. Louis area. Talk about a glo-up.

Cancer—HIRO Asian Kitchen

Isabel Leeds

Cancers are loyal and imaginative, the ones who are able to transform a night in with friends into a memorable potluck bonding event. HIRO Asian Kitchen's goal is very similar—to showcase the flavors of owner Bernie Lee's Malaysia in a comfortable, friendly setting. And the restaurant's connections to the community are reminiscent of any proper Cancer's family-oriented mindset.

Pisces—Polite Society

Isabel Leeds

Pisces are compassionate, intuitive, and creative, able to sense what their peers need and find a way to provide it with care. Polite Society was exactly what Lafayette Square needed, showcasing a menu of eclectic, unique New American cuisine that is approachable and delicious. 

Taurus—Sushi Ai

Lindsay Siegel

Practical and stable, Tauruses are drawn to consistency and predictability. Sushi Ai is just that—a classic menu with no-frills pricing, the restaurant draws crowds for its $20 all-you-can-eat sushi special, which is even buy one get one free on Sundays. As long as you finish your plate, you can order as many time as you want—putting control in the customer's hand just the way Tauruses like.

Aries—Shake Shack

Isabel Leeds

Aries know what they like. With a symbol like a ram, its no surprise that Aries tend to try to force their opinions on others. Such as the opinion that Shake Shack is better than a local eatery (it's not), just because the place is "consistent" and "the SmokeShack is really good". But of course, because you're an Aries, you'll convince everyone that you're right anyways and you'll go indulge on that deep-fried goodness.

Aquarius—Poke Doke

Matthew Wenger

An Aquarius is a visionary. You like to imagine how you could improve the world, plan out ways for life to be better, and fill in gaps that make everyone else happier. Poke Doke did just this for St. Louis—identified a niche the city didn't know it needed, and made damn good food to convince everyone their way is the best way. And with the creative, visually-appealing menu, Poke Doke is just right to complete your foodie dreams.


Abby Suppan

Virgos need things exactly their way—but its not just being picky (though you definitely get teased for that), its knowing what you like. And with Garbanzo, you can get exactly what you like, made how you like it, with every order. Each Mediterranean-style dish is customizable, from the vehicle for serving (try the Falarma!) to the homemade sauces. Nothing is too fancy, which fits with your Virgo modesty, but each individual item is crafted with care and the dishes come together cohesively.

Libra—Winslows Home

Isabel Leeds

Libras epitomize balance, harmony, and love of home. You don't like spending time alone, and you just want to make the people around you happy.  Winslow's Home is perfect for this style of cooking—with a simple menu, the place may seem plain before you walk in, but the actual storefront is homey, inviting, and filled to the brim with elements to explore. Come in, bring your friends, and stay awhile.


Matthew Wenger

Leos are creative and love to be the center of attention. And when Olio set up shop on a quiet little corner in Tower Grove, it quickly became the talk of the town. Each dish is crafted by hand, one by one, in a tiny little kitchen visible from each table. Guests can watch their Israeli cuisine be carefully, artfully arranged on each dish. Olio is a place to go for a casual celebration, which is a perfect way to describe the everyday life of your Leo self anyways.

Gemini—BLK MKT Eats

Michelle Pagnon

Geminis are bright, quick-witted, and love to chat. BLK MKT's menu is accordingly bold, fresh, and totally social media-share-worthy. St. Louis' first burrito-sized sushi place is designed in a way that craves attention—but with food worth the constant bombardment of photos, I'm not complaining.

While each of these restaurants is worth a visit, selecting a eatery based on your zodiac sign could be a fun way to break through the overwhelming amount of choice. Just be sure to bring compatible signs along!