Food in Preston is great. With a variety of options to choose from, it can be easy to become stuck for choice. If you ever come down to UCLan campus, or are currently a student here, finding a place to eat can become so much easier if you just follow the stars!

Amanda Wahlstedt


For the fiery Aries, Grillaz is the place to go! It’s a little spicier than most of the places to eat at UCLan, but it’s hearty, filling, and just the right amount of greasy! Perfect for Aries’ rich palate. 


If there’s one thing about a Taurus, it’s that they are food-lovers. Jaffa is a foodie paradise, with every item on the menu being wholesome and delicious. They also have a great atmosphere, and are good for bringing your family and friends down to eat too.


For the quick-paced Gemini, Three Monkeys is a perfect choice. The Three Monkeys Sandwich Bar offers a variety of yummy foods that you can take on the go! Not only is this convenient, but it means you can save time for creating your own adventures too!


Cancer’s are the type to love good quality food in large portions. Triggo’s not only ticks this box but provides a great atmosphere too. Big portions for a good price seem to be a theme on the UCLan campus, which is something a Cancer can appreciate.


Leo’s are the type of people who enjoy the finest quality food. Since you appreciate the atmosphere around food too, Cordon Bleu is the perfect place to go to eat when you’re hungry. A wide variety of delicious foods can never go wrong for a hungry Leo.


For the orderly and sensitive Virgo, UCLan’s very own Harrington cafe is the best place to eat. They have both meat and vegan options, with healthy and nutritious food being made fresh every single day at great prices!


The food-lover in a Libra enjoys a pleasant atmosphere, with a variety of options. Moka checks every box in this aspect, perfect fine dining! This classy place is wonderful for a Libra who enjoys the finer things in life.


For the hungry Scorpio, eating at Eatbox is a perfect match! The variety of foods in convenient boxes are great for those who don’t want to cook. 


The curious Sagittarius who loves exotic food will love Thai Royale. Every item on the menu is delicious, yummy, and affordable! Any Sagittarius would love to eat here!


For the Capricorn who tends to control the amount of spice in their food, Nando’s is the best option. With a great atmosphere and great food, what could be better? 


For the ever-occupied Aquarian, a visit or two to Kings Chip is a must! With a simple menu of straight up chips and a variety of yummy sauces, it frees up the mind for other important matters…. Like which sauce to pick!


The hedonistic Pisces, should take a trip down to Tino’s. With wholesome foods and a great atmosphere, nothing can go wrong! Tino's is a place you simply must visit when on UCLan campus, especially if you are a food loving Pisces!

Ayesha Hussain