Planning a trip is not an easy task — the sights, the adventures and of course, the food. Instead of fitting food into your schedule, use it as the base of your vacation and then fill in the rest. It adds a new spin to the trip and will make sure you never miss out on any delicious restaurants, incredible local markets or learning how to prepare local food, connecting you more to the city you're in. 

The perfect place for a food vacation? New Orleans. This city is known for their incredibly flavorful cuisine influenced by the French, referred to as creole and cajun food. From their decadent beignets to their po' boys, people come from all over the world to get a taste of this city. 


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Montana Black

Chef John Martin blends together Cajun, Creole and French cooking to create the perfect menu showcasing the flavors of New Orleans. Pictured above is the BBQ Shrimp and Grits, just one of the many delicious dishes on the menu. The Truffled Crab Claws are a must have and you definitely can't go wrong with the classic seafood gumbo. 

Josephine Estelle

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Located in the Ace Hotel, Josephine Estelle is the perfect place to grab brunch before a full day of exploring the city. The menu offers a full selection of brunch foods from chocolate croissants to roasted butternut squash quiche. There is something for everyone here.

The French Market

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Right next to the Mississippi River, The French Marker is a great place to walk around and taste many of their local delicacies. You have to head over to N'awlins and try their gator stick, then stop by the Organic Banana for any kind of smoothie or slushie you can think of.


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Seaworthy provides a calming vibe as soon as you walk in with their dim lighting and blue décor. They are known for their oysters, so make sure to at least sample a couple different varieties from the gulf. Other notable dishes include their Ceviche, made with gulf fish and their Speckled Trout featuring perfectly roasted vegetables. 

Stumptown Coffee Roasters & Pizzeria

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Through the lobby of the Ace Hotel, this is the perfect little coffee shop. On a hot day, stop by for a bottle of their homemade cold brew and make sure to try their gluten free pumpkin bread.

Mister Apple

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After a walk around the city, stop by Mister Apple for some gourmet candied apples and freshly made popcorn. The perfect snack. 

Nonna Mia Cafe

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After a long day of walking come here to enjoy the great weather outside and the delicious smell of pizza filling the air. A couple blocks away you should stop by the cemetery to have a look at the intricate tombstones that are all built above ground.


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Set in a stunning old home, this restaurant was completely spot on. Every single dish on the menu looked delicious. Order up the Gulf Tuna Carpaccio, Fried Oyster Caesar and Fried Crab Claws. Make sure to indulge in the full order of the Peel & Eat Shrimp, it's worth it. 


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This well-known restaurant features a blend of French and Creole cuisine on their menu. Set in one big room, it is reminiscent of the old days of waiters in suits and diners dressing up for a special night out with the family. I would suggest the Smoked Pompano Bourgeois and the Crab Cakes. Make sure to save some room for dessert and order the Chocolate Toffee Bombe. 

Laura Plantation Tour

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About an hour drive north of New Orleans you will find this plantation amongst many others. What makes this one special is that it was solely run and passed down by women. This plantation had over 190 slaves who took care of the planting and harvesting of the sugar cane. After the tour, make sure to stop by the gift shop for some great local seasonings, sauces and cookies.


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Only a block away from Bourbon Street, this restaurant lies tucked away quietly. The menu features a mixture of signature dishes and daily specials all sounding more delicious than next (the Sweet Potato Brioche with Maple Butter and the Veal Sweetbreads are a must). The dessert menu is also filled with so many wonderful options, so go ahead and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Café Du Monde

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A New Orleans food vacation would not be complete without a taste of these famous beignets. To avoid the long lines, your best bet is to either come early in the day or much later. Sit down and enjoy the great weather outside on their terrace, or get some to-go and explore all the French Quarter has to offer. 

Monty's on the Square

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Right in the middle of the action by the square, this restaurant offers all the local delicacies from po' boys to jambalaya. If you are in the mood for breakfast, order up the Jackson Square Omelette with smoked gouda. If you are more of a lunch person, the Firecracker Shrimp were fried to perfection with just the right amount of spice. 


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This is a great place to go for a light Vietnamese dinner. Their menu is divided into sections of rolls, buns and pho's with some appetizers and specialties, so there is plenty to choose from. After dinner, stop by the local grocery store down the street for a little dessert and snacks for the plane.

Sadly this vacation must come to an end. One thing is for sure: New Orleans has great food. This article is only a taste of what this incredible city has to offer, so go and explore and discover other great places.