You’re headed to Yale for The Game and you’re realizing that New Haven probably doesn’t have Berryline. Or Noch’s. Or Hong Kong. So what are you going to eat this weekend? We’ve put together a comprehensive list of (relatively) safe places to eat at Yale.


This New Haven joint was recently rated best pizza in the country by The Daily Meal. Don’t just take their word for it, grab of slice of clam pie with bacon on your way to the tailgate. It’s probably the only thing Yale will ever be #1 at.


New Haven

Photo by Sarah Strong

Don’t worry Otto, we’re sure your mashed potato pizza is better, but we just have to give this gooey, charred slice a try.

Thai Taste

Feeling like you need to carbo-load before The Game? Yalies love this Thai place because you can get big portions of their pad thai and colorful curries for a great price. Whether you’re playing football or beer pong this weekend, you’re gonna need a big plate of noodles.


New Haven

Photo by Sierra Conine

Try this locally-sourced ice cream shop where they offer a frisbee with 8 scoops and 10 toppings. Should be enough to fuel you for The Game, right?

The Pantry

If you’re staying the night in New Haven, you’re going to need a big brunch to pick you up on Sunday morning. Try their flavored pancakes, from cinnamon bun to Oreo.

Blue State Coffee

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Planning on an all-nighter after The Game? Grab a pastry and a foamy coffee on the go from one of their two, convenient New Haven locations.

Claire’s Corner Copia

New Haven

Photo by Katie Fletcher

This all-vegetarian, eco-friendly restaurant is known by Yalies for its delectable desserts, including vegan and gluten free options. Give your stomach the pleasant surprise of something healthy this weekend.