Lawrence has a wide variety of restaurants to choose from if you’re tired of eating at the cafeteria. Base your restaurant choice on what you’re doing for the night.

You’re seeing a show at the Granada

Where to Eat in Lawrence

Photo Courtesy of Fuzzy’s Taco Shop on Twitter


The Burger Stand The Burger Stand is a great place to grab a quick bite before a concert. It’s a short walk down Mass from the Granada but just think of it as a warm-up to prepare for the mosh pit.

Fuzzy’s Tacos Fuzzy’s is cheap, quick and delicious. It’s very close to the Granada and if you’re out late on the weekend, Fuzzy’s has you covered by staying open until 3am.

You’re going to the game

Where to Eat in Lawrence

Photo courtesy of Free State Brewing on Twitter

Free State Lawrence’s own brewing company and restaurant is ideal if you want something different from your typical bar food.

Jefferson’s Jefferson’s is an easy choice if you’re in the mood for wings before the game. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the peanut butter burger. Sounds weird, tastes great.

Grandma is buying dinner

Where to Eat in Lawrence

Photo Courtesy of the Genovese Italian website

If you have family in town, despite how much you want to just grab a slice of pizza for dinner, it’s probably best to visit one of Lawrence’s nicer restaurants. And hey, if Grandma is buying, you might as well get something nice.

Genovese A delightful Italian restaurant with pastas made in-house and many items sourced from local farmers. Their brunch menu is pretty great as well.

715 Everything about 715 is “grown-up.” If you want to impress your relatives, bring them here. Your wallet and your stomach will thank you. Start off by sampling a few meats and cheeses before moving on to a handmade pasta.

You’re taking a chemistry exam

Where to Eat in Lawrence

Photo Courtesy of Hot Box Cookies on Twitter

Those freshman year chemistry exams are notorious for breaking hearts and they just get worse as you progress in college. Heal your wounded pride with gooey cream cheese pizza and fresh baked cookies.

Pizza Shuttle A Lawrence classic. Brandy B’s cheese sticks and killer deals on personal pizzas are all you need. Place an order before you take your chem exam and have cheesy forgiveness waiting for you when you get done.

Hot Box Cookies Fresh baked cookies delivered right to your door. 10/10 recommend the Peanut Butter Reese’s Pieces. One of the best ways to grieve or celebrate your grade.