Real talk: if you're a tourist in Los Angeles there is at least a small part of you hoping to spot some awesome celebrities that you can brag about to your friends back home. The problem is figuring out where to go depending on the type of celeb that your hoping to see. Here is a go-to guide of the hot-spots for everyone from Academy Award winners to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

If you follow more models than family and friends on Instagram, than you should make a dinner reservation at Craigs

Model Haley Baldwin looking intimidating while exiting Craig's

This classic West Hollywood spot is a favorite of Kendall Jenner group. It is in close proximity to some of LA's most exclusive night clubs, so the restaurant is popular pre-club spot on the weekends. Craig's is also hit for big groups because of it's massive Italian menu, that in true LA fashion, is accommodating to every dietary restriction under the sun.

If you are still suffering from a case of Bieber fever, than not quite club, but also not quite restaurant The Nice Guy is the spot for you

The Nice Guy is LA's most famous lounge, where celebs love to hang out in a relatively private space. The lounge has killer food and drinks, and the space is designed to look like an old school Mafia bar. The Nice Guy is very exclusive so be sure to make a reservation far in advance if you want to go on a Friday or Saturday night. Celebs frequently at The Nice Guy include the Biebs himself, the entirety of the Kardashian circus, and Justin Timberlake.

If you consider Gwyneth Paltrow to be your spirit animal, than vegan hotspot Gracias Madre is going to blow your mind

Gracias Madre is the most LA spot imaginable...vegan Mexican food served under twinkly lights to create the perfect Instagram aesthetic. Celebrities love this place because they can convince themselves that chips are on their diets as long as they skip out on the meat

Nobu Malibu is the spot to hit up if  don't care who you see as long as you're guaranteed to see someone

Best food of anywhere on this list by far. Nobu Malibu is part of the global luxury sushi chain ran by iconic chef, Nobu Matsuhisa. This restaurant is just awesome: some of the best sushi in the USA being served up in a beautiful restaurant right on the Pacific Ocean. There is no other restaurant in the world like this, which is reservations need to be made weeks in advance (and why the clientele is always noteworthy). Celebs who frequent Nobu Malibu: Bradley Cooper, Leonardo DiCaprio, etc

If you love all things Bravo and absolutely no shame in your game, than SUR is actually worth of visit

Ok, real talk time: the food at the now iconic SUR is only so-so, and definitely not worth your time if you are on vacation. My suggestion is to go for a drink at the bar (and some classic goat cheese balls...if you get the reference) and then head to dinner elsewhere. I have been to both SUR and Villa Blanca, and have spotted Bravolebirties on both occasions. Pro-tip: come at off hours if you want a better chance of seeing the cast; I was across the street on a Wednesday at 5pm and had the pleasure  of witnessing a Kristen vs. Schena smack down in real time.