With the release of his new album, Kendrick Lamar has received praise and admiration for his creativity, passion and boldness that can be matched by the unique cuisine of Southern California. You can now know how to honor the rapper and where to eat in LA based on Kendrick Lamar's new album, DAMN. 

So next time you roll down the windows and blast hip-hop's latest sensation, try a hot spot in LA that will remind you of K-Dot's lyrics.

1. "ELEMENT." - Versailles Cuban Restaurant

"Fake my death, go to Cuba, that's the only option." - Kendrick Lamar

Well, if you can't fake your death and go all the way to Cuba to meet up with Kendrick as well as Tupac (some people accused the famous rapper of doing just that), where to eat with a little piece of the country is at Versailles Restaurant that has four spots in LA including Culver City and Encino. Most people go for their famous Sandwich Cubano filled with the traditional ham, swiss cheese, mustard and pickles.

2. "LOVE. FEAT. ZACARI." - Petrossian Paris

"Sippin' bubbly, feelin' lovely, livin' lovely." - Kendrick Lamar

If you are feeling lovely like Lamar in these lyrics, head over to Petrossian Paris in West Hollywood for an array of bubbly Champagne and luxurious Caviar along with brunch items like Foie Gras, a Smoked Salmon Bagel with Caviar and Brioche French Toast. This spot is the perfect destination if you're wondering where to eat for a fancy first date and sparks to fly. 

3. "DNA." - Four Daughter's Kitchen

"Eat at Four Daughter's, Brock wearin' sandals." - Kendrick Lamar

K-Dot (Kendrick Lamar) mentions the very spot, Four Daughter's Kitchen, in his lyrics, and they serve up breakfast, lunch and dinner in the heart of Manhattan Beach (which is probably why Brock is wearing sandals). Enjoy American breakfast classics such as omelettes, french toast and even Chocolate Banana's Foster Pancakes. Head back for lunch or dinner for more classics such as tacos, burgers and sandwiches. 

4. "YAH." - Better Buzz Cafe

"Buzzin', radars is buzzin'." - Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick would probably prefer to have less buzz on the news and more from a coffee which you can find at Better Buzz Cafe located in between LA and San Diego in Encinitas. Aside from their wide variety of coffee drinks, the cafe offers breakfast such as Feta Avocado Toast, a Bacon Ciabatta Breakfast Sandwich and many Acai Bowls

5. "LOYALTY." - The Counter

"Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty, 10-4, no switchin' sides." - Kendrick Lamar

You won't want to switch sides when you sign up for the loyalty program Counter Points. Get a free single order of fries instantly when you sign up for the rewards card online, dining credits, free birthday milkshakes and surprise rewards will follow. Kendrick would be proud of you for sticking to it and staying loyal to joint with the Korean BBQ Burger and Pineapple Upside Down Shake

6. "HUMBLE." - Love & Salt

"Be humble, sit down." - Kendrick Lamar

There are plenty of places to take a seat at the Italian-inspired California restaurant with miles of stools to make you feel right at home with family. The sophisticated cuisine offers small plates of Wood Fired Meatballs, Cured Meat plates, pizzas such as Fennel Sausage and Ricotta and even house made pasta. There is something for everyone at Love & Salt that is worth taking the time and sitting down for.

#SpoonTip: Their Manhattan Beach location is usually very busy, so make reservations ahead of time if you're looking to experience the elevated Italian-American cuisine.

Even though we may not ever get the chance to sit down for a meal with the one and only Kendrick Lamar, at least we can honor him by eating at one of these six locations based on his new album. So go ahead, put it on shuffle, and see where it takes you.