Although Arizona is often thought of as a dry, barren desert, northern AZ actually has lush forests, cool weather, and (believe it or not) snow. Flagstaff, AZ is a town up north where Arizonans go to beat the heat in the summer and get a little snow in the winter. It is where our families often go for long weekends filled with cabins, camping, and warm sweaters, and for many of us is associated with the first experience of snow. 

With its bohemian vibe, hip shops, and many outdoor activities, Flagstaff has a place for everyone looking for some cool weather. Whether you're touring NAU and want to do a little exploring downtown or just visiting for a bit of charm, here are three places you can't miss when dining in Flagstaff. 

Breakfast: Mozelle's Bakery

apple, caramel, pie
 Hannah Bernier

With its quaint interior and scrumptious baked goods, Mozelle's Bakery is a wonderful breakfast or treat spot for those looking for a little comfort and a lot of baked goods. Found right in the heart of downtown Flagstaff, the aroma of sugar and cinnamon from the small shops drifts down the streets, a call almost impossible to resist. 

The source of this smell is the cinnamon buns, loaded with gooey goodness—a must-try treat. Other hits include the many flavors of cookies and breads (with vegan options as well) fresh out of the oven. 

Lunch: Mountain Oasis

salsa, tacos, burrito
 Hannah Bernier

Mountain Oasis International Cafe is a wonderful place to go for a casual lunch filled with unique flavors and healthy vibes. With a diverse menu filled with vegetarian and vegan options, this place does not disappoint. 

Their many refreshing juices blended in house will make you feel like a health god. The lunch wraps are also a hit, with the black bean and sweet potato wrap being the perfect fuel for an afternoon hike.  

Dinner: Criollo

tacos, rice
 Hannah Bernier

Criollo Latin Kitchen is a hip Latin-inspired restaurant that is the perfect finish to a visit in Flagstaff. With a rotating menu filled with unique Latin dishes, it is an upscale, vibrant restaurant filled with unique ideas and delicious dishes. 

Their carne asada tacos even rival the famous chipotle cherry tacos at Taco Guild in Phoenix. Every dish is presented with the utmost care, with every detail thought out to create a complex blend of spices and flavors. 

Visiting these three restaurants on a weekend trip to Flagstaff will ensure a good time among the pines. Together they embody the diversity of Flagstaff culture and the many flavors that are developed in the small town among the mountains.