Sure, we all love day drinking that turns into night drinking for an entire week, flaunting around in bikinis and forgetting that anything besides for alcohol, the sun, and our best friends exist. But for us foodies, that just doesn’t cut it. How about a weeklong spring break trip around NYC munching on donuts, milk and cookie shots, unsurpassable pizza and avocado toast alongside a classic Bloody Mary? Sound better? That’s what I thought.

To make your life a little easier, here’s an itinerary. You’ll spend each day in a different area of Manhattan gettin’ your eats on. Take that, bikini instagrams, we’ve got foodstagrams.

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Day One: Upper East Side

For your first day in the Big Apple, it seems only appropriate that we’d take on a Gossip Girl type theme. That’s right Upper East Siders, I’ve got the inside scoop on all of the best eateries around town. xoxo

Breakfast: East End Kitchen

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What better way to start off your week then with a classic brunch? You’ll feel classy (like S & B) with “green eggs and ham,” a waffle sundae, or even a smoked salmon BLT. Plus, every brunch entree includes a cocktail, Bloody Mary, or mimosa of your choice. If you can’t get enough brunch, here’s more to explore on your next trip to Manhattan.

Lunch: Boqueria

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Get your Mexican on for your (late) lunch. Boqueria serves sandwiches, vegetarian dishes, meat and seafood delicacies and rice bowls. A typical lunch includes an order of Colorado lamb meatballs topped with tomato sauce and sheep’s milk cheese. Try making your own buff chick meatballs with this easy recipe when you’re nostalgic about the lamb ones.

Dinner: Flex Mussels

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Known best for their mussels (with 21 choices to choose from), Flex Mussels also serves delicacies such as scallops, lobster rolls, and farmer’s chicken. Be sure not to miss the dessert menu which includes deep fried whoopie pies (wow) and stuffed donuts (wow again). Learn more about mussels and other summer shellfish with this super helpful article.

Dessert: Serendipity 3

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Nothing screams “New York” like Serendipity’s frozen hot chocolate. If you’re not a chocolate lover, Serendipity serves up cheesecakes, pies and the Golden Opulence Sundae ($1,000). Or, try making your very own frozen hot chocolate in just 10 minutes.

Un-Food-Related Activities You Should Prob Try

New York’s Upper East Side is home to Museum Mile and the infamous Madison Ave. Get your shopping on and then explore the Met, the Guggenheim, and more for a taste of the most exciting city.

Day Two: Midtown/Times Square

Let out your inner tourist (even if you’re from New York, it’s okay) and explore Times Square and everything around it.

#SpoonTip: Don’t forget to pay $3 for a picture with a minion (kind of kidding, kind of not).

Breakfast: Norma’s

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Start Day 2 off with cheesecake-stuffed, coconut rolled French toast drizzled with an orange sauce and topped with scrumptious vanilla ice cream. If you’re not into that, Norma’s menu is complete with classics including cheese omelets and blueberry pancakes or creative twists like “Artychoked Benedict” and breakfast pizza topped with bacon, egg, cheese and caramelized onions. Make your own breakfast pizza with this killer recipe.

Lunch: Kobeyaki

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Kobeyaki is New York’s Asian cuisine version of Chipotle – what could be better? The menu has rolls, salads, bowls, burgers and more. You can order chicken teriyaki bowls, kobe beef burgers (with hella toppings), or salmon volcano rolls. Check out this article for more NYC Southeast Asian eats to try on your next Manhattan adventure.

Dinner: Ellen’s Stardust Diner

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Ellen’s Stardust Diner is the perfect place to experience New York’s theater district. Order classic diner delicacies like chicken pot pie and Philly cheesesteak sandwiches whilst being entertained by serenading waiters and waitresses. If you’d rather have sushi, try Time Square’s Wasabi.

Dessert: Schmackary’s

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For just $25, you’ll get 12 cookies and at least one quality Insta. Flavors include cookies ‘n cream, mocha java, bacon chocolate chip, sch’mores, and “The Super C,” stuffed with white chocolate and M&Ms. Or, make your own bacon chocolate chip cookies.

Un-Food-Related Activities You Should Prob Try

Times Square is a bubble of excitement. Try exploring Toys R Us (there’s a ferris wheel inside), taking pictures with people dressed up as characters, and checking out a famous Broadway show.

Day Three: SoHo

For your third day, shop (and eat) ’til you drop. SoHo is home to the chicest and cheapest shops and of course, more importantly, the best food.

Breakfast: Jack’s Wife Freda

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Head over to Jack’s Wife Freda for the perfectly Instagramable breakfast. It’s a lively restaurant with American-Mediterranean dishes like chicken kebab, Greek salad, and a classic Mediterranean breakfast platter. If you’re a little confused about Mediterranean food, here’s a guide that will help you out.

Lunch: Delicatessen

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One of my personal favorites, the Delicatessen is home to cheeseburger spring rolls (guaranteed foodgasm), the most delectable truffle spinach and artichoke dip, and a mac ‘n cheese menu with 9 different options. You won’t be disappointed. Not on spring break? We’ve got you with this dorm room style spinach and artichoke dip recipe.

Dinner: Mercer Kitchen

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This restaurant is implicative of Soho’s trendiness and hipness. Dinner is complete with black truffle and fontina pizzas, prosciutto-wrapped pork chops and sautéed sea bass. The cocktails are to die for, too. If you’re not in NYC, find out your state’s official cocktail here.

Dessert: Dominique Ansel Bakery

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Home to the famous milk ‘n cookie shot, frozen s’more, and Cronut®, Dominique Ansel’s Bakery is the perfect place to finish your day in Soho. If you’re not into those delicacies (you must be crazy), the menu also includes cheesecakes, madelines, and caramel chocolate tarts. Or, make your own milk and cookie shot.

Un-Food-Related Activities You Should Prob Try

SoHo, aka South of Houston Street, is known best for its shopping, art galleries, and eats. Shop on Broadway but be sure to check out the ins and outs of the streets around it. If you’ve had enough shopping, check out the variety of art galleries in the area.

Day Four: Tribeca

Day Four = real NY tour. Tribeca is home to the trendiest New York natives, so make sure you dress for the occasion. Don’t worry – your foodstagram will be satisfied, too.

Breakfast: Zucker’s Bagels

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What would spring break in New York be if you didn’t devour at least one gorgeous BEC (or BEAC – bacon, egg, avo, cheese)? As Zagat describes, Zucker’s bagels are “exactly as a bagel should be.” Order classic bagels with cream cheese and lox or order salads, sandwiches and more. Wanna know why the bagels just aren’t as good anywhere else in the country? Get the inside scoop here.

Lunch: Bubby’s

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Lunch at Bubby’s = classic, local American eats. Breakfast served all day includes eggs and omelets, or if you’re in a lunch mood, staples include fried chicken, double decker grilled cheese and chicken burgers topped with avo, goat cheese, and roasted tomatoes. Want to make your own chicken burger? Get a recipe here.

Dinner: Sushi of Gari

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To truly understand the art of sushi, you’ll have to eat at Sushi of Gari. Choose from a variety of price-fixe options including tuna assortments and futomaki, or order your sushi, edamame, and miso soup a la carte. Lost? No worries, we’ve got you with this how-to navigate a sushi menu guide.

Dessert: Eileen’s Special Cheesecake

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New York is known for its cheesecake, so it’s only appropriate that we’d end the day with the sweet treats. Order large cheesecakes to share, cookies, cupcakes and more, but prioritize the personal sized cookies ‘n cream and red velvet cheesecakes. Not spring break? Make your own mini cheesecake parfaits.

Un-Food-Related Activities You Should Prob Try

Tribeca, an acronym for “Triangle Below Canal” is home to warehouse buildings and lofts that house art galleries, retailers and families as well as the annual Tribeca film festival. Spend your day exploring.

Day Five: Financial District

Spend your last day in Manhattan eatin’ good and admiring the Brooklyn skyline.

Breakfast: Made Fresh Daily

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A casual breakfast spot, Made Fresh Daily is the perfect place to start your final day in Manhattan before crossing over the Brooklyn bridge. The menu consists of egg sandwiches, smoked salmon scrambled eggs, deviled egg salad, and yogurt parfaits. Don’t know what to order? Take this quiz to find out what breakfast food you are.

Lunch: Thai Sliders & Co.

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A super casual but incredibly delish eatery, Thai Sliders and Co. has got you set with a great menu. Order peanut chicken sliders, sweet and sour stir fry with your choice of protein and rice, a variety of curries and short rib noodle bowls. Mmmm. Or, make your very own thai-style vegetable curry.

Dinner: Adrienne’s Pizza Bar

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NY is known for its pizza, and Adrienne’s Pizza Bar only reinforces this. The menu includes a variety of pizzas including margharita and calabrese, pastas such as meatball penne, rollatini and gnocchi and several fish dishes. Have leftovers? We’ve got you. Here’s how to use your leftover pizza for breakfast.

Dessert: Melt Bakery

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Hopefully it’s warm enough for your ice cream sandwich to melt just the perfect amount in the spring sun. Melt Bakery’s flavors include cinnamax (snickerdoodles + cinnamon ice cream), Elvis (peanut butter cookies + banana ice cream) and the Morticia (crackly chocolate cookies + malted chocolate rum ice cream). If you want to make your own killer ice cream sandwiches, try these DIY combos.

Un-Food-Related Activities You Should Prob Try

The Financial District is home to the 9/11 Memorial Museum and Freedom Tower, AKA must-sees. Also, check out the Museum of Jewish Heritage, Museum of American Finance and the National Museum of the American Indian. Read more here.

Day Six: Brooklyn Day 1

Cross over the Brooklyn Bridge and you’ve got yourself even more eatery options. Walk around the Brooklyn Bridge Park and if you’re inspired, take some @foodintheair pics with a hella nice background.

Breakfast: egg

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First on your list of Brooklyn eats is egg, the perfect breakfast spot. Delicacies include duck hash, eggs rothko, and biscuits and gravy. Egg understands the importance of breakfast. If you’re too far away from the city, make these bacon and egg toast cups to satisfy your cravings.

Lunch: Five Leaves

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Five Leaves prioritizes using quality ingredients to ensure that they serve you quality food. Order braised duck pot pie, an eggplant and quinoa falafel or a cheeseburger with bacon (plus truffle fries). Learn more about quinoa here.

Dinner: Lot 2

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A small local eatery, Lot 2 serves American food with a twist. Start your meal with a kale Caesar salad, then satisfy your hunger with wild sea scallops, New York strip steak with fries, or a beef burger. Don’t forget the side of mac ‘n cheese and duck fat fries. Curious what American food really is? Check out this article.

Dessert: Momofuku Milk Bar

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The Milk Bar is home to the beautiful Momofuku birthday cake, birthday cake truffles, and cereal milk ice cream. Head over here for a super Insta-worthy treat. Make your very own truffles with these delicious recipes.

Un-Food-Related Activities You Should Prob Try

After the scenic walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, be sure to adventure around the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Admire the Manhattan skyline and wander to the Brooklyn Promenade.

Day Seven: Brooklyn Day 2

Since one day wasn’t enough to truly appreciate Brooklyn (not that two is, either), spend your final day in the most wonderful city of the world exploring and eating the most delicious and trendy food yet.

Breakfast: Buttermilk Channel

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Breakfast at Buttermilk Channel is legit. The menu starts off with four Bloody Mary options, and then continues on to the good stuff – four scrambled egg options, pecan pie French toast, eggs Huntington, an A-B-C grilled cheese (apple, smoked bacon, cheese) and more. If you can’t get enough brunch, here’s how to plan your own brunch partay.

Lunch: Fritzl’s Lunch Box

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Fritzl’s Lunch Box is fun, casual and innovative. For a small lunch, the menu’s got you with beer-battered broccoli, charred eggplant dip and salsa brined chicken wings. If you’re really hungry, order the salt cod cake salad, classic grilled cheese with a twist or steamed mussels. If you’re stuck at home making your own lunch, here’s some healthy recipes for you to follow.

Dinner: Olea

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For your final dinner in the best city in the world, devour Mediterranean tapas. Dishes include falafel-crusted artichoke hearts, goat cheese croquettes, grilled pita bread with spicy feta dip, whole-grain farro pasta and arctic char. If you like Mediterranean food, then you probably like hummus. Here’s 10 ways to eat more hummus.

Dessert: Dough

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Last but not least, donuts. Lots and lots of donuts. Dough has 15 all-the-time flavors (including dulche de leche with almonds, mocha-almond crunch, hibiscus and lemon meringue) and 19 rotating flavors (such as gin + tonic, chocolate chipotle, eggnog cream and chocolate matcha). You can even order ice cream donuts. If you need more donuts, check out the 50 best donuts in the USA.

Un-Food-Related Activities You Should Prob Try

On your final day of adventures, explore the Brooklyn Flea Market, wander through the Brooklyn Museum and don’t forget to ride rollercoasters in Coney Island. Art galleries dot the streets, so be sure to poke your head into at least a few while you window shop.

Eat up and don’t forget to take pics.

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