What makes a restaurant week great, is the value of food you get for the money you spend. It's one of many reasons why Philadelphia's Center City District Restaurant Week is so great. 

But just because you can save money on deals during restaurant week, doesn't mean you always do. Sometimes you end up spending more than you would at a restaurant than you would have on any other night. 

If you're a college student on a budget, these are the five best restaurant deals you'll find in Philly's Center City District

1. Sampan

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Sampan’s restaurant week deal is top notch. They usually have a tasting menu for $55 for one item from each section of their menu, which guests are encouraged to participate in. But during restaurant week, this tasting menu is bumped down to $35, a great deal for the quality and quantity of food.

2. Double Knot

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Double Knot is essentially Sampan with sushi. The $55 deal for $35 is a must.

3. Fogo de Chao

An unlimited amount of meat for $35 is something you should never, ever pass up. Go to Fogo de Chao for some delicious Brazilian steak.

4. Zahav

As one of the best restaurants in Philly, Zahav's food tends to be a bit pricey. It is also impossible to refrain from ordering everything on the menu here. Luckily, the restaurant week menu gives you a taste of everything: one salatim and hummus, two meze plates, one al ha’est, and a dessert all for $35.

5. Estia

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Estia’s main courses range from $26 roasted chicken to $48 per lb dover sole, so already you save money if you were just going to Estia’s to order one dish.

At Greek restaurants it is typical to order a lot of small plates to share, which quickly hikes up your bill. Restaurant week gives you the rare opportunity to order lots of dishes to share and only spend $35.

Center City District Restaurant Week happens twice a year so if you miss the boat this time around, mark your calendar for the spring. Check out Center City Philadelphia website for the full list of participating restaurants.