Nothing beats the taste of good food. Nothing. As a self-proclaimed food connoisseur, I feel as if it is my duty to share where I believe you should eat with your beloved company in Boston. Having a good quality wholesome meal is always great yet, sharing that meal with the people you love makes the experience a whole lot better. Here are the top 5 places you SHOULD take your parents or loved ones while in Boston! 

Grill 23

Parent's weekend is the quintessential time when you should indulge and inhale any and all foods. This past parent's weekend I had the pleasure to share a delicious dinner with my father, my roommate Megan, and her parents. At Grill 23 Megan, Megan's mom, and I all opted for the Grilled Loch Duart Salmon which comes with soba noodles, soy pickled shiitakes, edamame, radish. Overall it was a classic choice and as someone who strictly consumes salmon as her choice of fish, it did the job. Both the dads went with the more classic dish of steak because, obviously, we were at a steak restaurant, and I can personally vouch that after having a bite of my father's, it was stellar. For the table, we shared Brussel sprouts and truffle tatter tots. The whole table was overwhelmingly satisfied.


Moriah Schoeffer

Sushi has a BIG place in my heart; I am the type of person that can and will eat it every day and if it were up to me I would take on a strict sushi diet. When it comes to good sushi I can confidently proclaim that when I see it I know it, that is why Oishii will forever be one the BEST sushi restaurants in Boston. The following night of parents weekend it was a no-brainer to go to Oishii, as my dad will always proclaim "no trip to Boston is successful without a stop at Oishii." My friend Alexa, who also shares a love for sushi, and I shared the Wagyu Beef Taquitos, edamame, King Crab Dumplings, and my favorite the Salmon on Fire. The mix of these appetizers was exquisite: it was the perfect assortment of what this restaurant offers. For our main we each got our own roll, my friend went with a classic Tuna roll while I couldn't leave without ordering my favorite roll from Oishii in Boston: the King Crab Roll which contains cucumber, spicy mayo, tobiko, chili sauce, wasabi, and micro greens. Although a tad pricy, this place will never, never let you down.

Trattoria Il Panino

Nothing screams good Italian food like the North End of Boston. If the 'rents are in town and simply craving authentic Italian food, going to Trattoria Il Panino is a move. The Sunday after most parents had left, a couple of friends and I decided that we would settle for nothing less than quality Italian in Boston, so we decided to hop in an Uber and go. I for one, was not in a particularly pasta mood so I ordered the Chicken Parmigiana over penne, it was yummy! One of my friends ordered the Penne Arrabbiata and someone else got the Cacio o Pepe which is fresh cacio & parmigiano cheese with cracked black pepper. Both were extremely delectable pasta dishes and some of the best you will find in Boston. Everyone left the restaurant content and full! 

Lolita Mexican Restaurant 

If you are looking for somewhere unique and not the typical family-isk type restaurant, Lolita is the place to be. Known for their dark and rustic atmosphere, intimately lit by Murano glass chandeliers, custom stained glass, and flickering candles; Lolita is a bustling neighborhood cantina serving playfully authentic interpretations of traditional Mexican cuisine. Going with friends is an overall fun experience, and that's why this makes for one of Boston's best Mexican restaurants. After looking over the menu several times before actually stepping foot in the restaurant, we already knew that ordering the Grilled Street Corn (chipotle torta mayo, cotija cheese, chile-lime salt) and Fresco Guacamole was a must. It was divine, even after our third bowl of guac! No Mexican cuisine is complete without tacos of course, so we had to order several plates of them: Grilled Steak tacos which came in habanero-garlic butter and taqueria relish and Chicken Habanero tacos, which came with, salsa amarillo, habanero cheddar, and pico de pepino. Just thinking about it all over again makes my mouth water; if you want an unforgettable Mexican style experience in Boston, Lolita is the place!


Moriah Schoeffer

The last restaurant in Boston that is a must is called Stillwater. Located in Downtown Boston, Stillwater is a restaurant that serves comfort food from local gourmet junk food expert and Food Network’s Chopped Gold Medal Games Champion Chef Sarah Wade! As a transfer student from a school down south, The College of Charleston in South Carolina, going to this restaurant immediately took me back to my favorite southern dishes. Something I missed greatly was biscuits nevertheless, Stillwater delivered. For the table, we ordered the Mini Banana Cocoa Puff Cereal Bread which is served warm in a cast-iron dish with Dulce De Leche sauce; it was incredible. Personally, I was craving eggs so I ordered The Essex: a three egg omelet with caramelized onions, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, and crumbled goat cheese, accompanied by brunch potatoes and buttered Texas Toast. Although we just went for brunch, it definitely hit the spot and helped quell my "soul food" craving, something I missed dearly. 

Overall there is nothing like eating an exceptional meal, especially if you are in good company! Here in Boston, it is so easy to get stuck eating at the same restaurants so when eating out, it is always important to try new foods and obviously "taste test" your companion's food.