Colorado College might not be the biggest campus or have the most food options, but each on-campus food place has its own unique personality. From all-you-can-eat buffets at Rastall to grab-and-go at the C-Store, there is something for everyone, and your favorite might just be decided by the stars. Before you leave for lunch, check your horoscope and follow your Zodiac sign to your destined spot. 

Aquarius: Preserve Pizza

Julia Gilman

Preserve pizza is a constant presence at Colorado College, something that Aquarius craves. They are original, which means that they will always be satisfied with pizza— cheese, pepperoni or the daily special— and their uncompromising side won't upset others because of the variety of choices available at The Preserve.

Pisces: Colorado Coffee

ice, coffee, tea, milk, cream
Alex Frank

With no Starbucks on campus, Colorado Coffee is the best coffee shop around. With a larger menu than Susie B's, Pisces can channel their inner artist and order elaborate drinks and colorful smoothies. They are also very empathic and will be kind to the staff when they place their complicated order.  

Aries: C-Store

The C-Store has enough variety to please almost anyone, but Aries, with their tendencies to be quick and dynamic, will make it their favorite. There are many different types of food to fit any mood that Aries is feeling at that moment and most of the food is ready to eat or can be prepared within minutes. From chips and soda to mac and cheese, the C-Store Aries will always be satisfied. 

Taurus: Rastall

Julia Gilman

Taurus are dependable and will fit right in at Rastall. They know what they like and they like what they know. In order to keep their sanity in the dining hall, Taurus channel their inner creativity to come up with some exciting dishes.  

Gemini: Preserve Salad Bar

Julia Gilman

The salad bar at The Preserve is arguably one of the more underrated spots on campus, but as any Gemini can surely tell you, it is well worth it. Geminis are versatile and curious which means that they are always ready to try a new variation of a salad or will be willing to add every type of cheese to their dish, just to see how it will taste. The individuality of a make-your-own salad will also allow a Gemini to express their creative side.   

Cancer: Wooglins

Laura Santi

Wooglins is the old constant on Tejon, making it a sure favorite for Cancer. Their sentimental and protective qualities will endear them to the never-changing menu and old charm of Wooglins. They will be its fiercest protectors if Colorado College tries to knock down the building.  

Leo: Midnight Breakfast

meat, pancake, chicken
Spoon University

Midnight breakfast is always a spectacle in Worner— something that Leo's dramatic and outgoing personality will enjoy. So many people to talk to and sit with as well as interesting food combos to create. Tater tots with ketchup or ketchup with tater tots? Leo will always have a good time. 

Virgo: Benji's Grill

Laura Santi

Benji's grill has had the same menu since the the beginning of time, something that loyal Virgos will appreciate. They are also practical people, so they realize the benefits of grabbing chicken tenders and fries in any situation. The staff surely knows their name and order by now. 

Libra: Benji's Special 

Libras are social and diplomatic, making them the ideal customers in the Benji's specials lines. They enjoy making friends, whether it be with students in line or with the staff, and they also enjoy dining with others. Knowing that their friends can grab food from other stations but all eat together makes them feel good because no one will be left out and a good time will be had by all. 

Scorpio: Preserve Pasta Bar

Laura Santi

Scorpios are both stubborn and brave- two traits that one must possess to face Wednesday pasta bar lines. Once a Scorpio decides on having pasta for dinner, they will not budge from the line, or allow anyone to cut ahead of them. In the end, the warm pile of pasta and veggies will be well worth it. 

Sagittarius: La'au's 

Sagittarius are known to be extroverted and enjoy travel. Even though La'au's is technically still on campus, it can feel like a journey to get there. However, upon arrival, any Sagittarius will be thrilled with the exotic flavors and feel of La'au's. Since they take Gold Card Plus, the trip will be satisfying all around. 

Capricorn: Susie B's

Susie B's is the lifeblood of anyone who studies in Tutt Library or Palmer Hall, but is destined to attract Capricorns from across campus. With their tendency to be both independent and disciplined, Susie B's is the perfect place for a Capricorn to grab coffee and a snack while buried deep in a research paper on the 4th floor. They know what they want, where to get it and don't need anything too fancy. 

Our horoscopes can determine a lot in life, and these pairings should also give you some direction in your diet. They may even predict where you will grab dinner tonight. As always, follow your nose to the food and the signs will never lead you the wrong way.